Entertainment Celebrity Fan gets kicked out of chat group after he calls Zhang Ziyi...

Fan gets kicked out of chat group after he calls Zhang Ziyi auntie

A fan went on Weibo to complain that Zhang Ziyi has kicked him out of the official fan club group chat




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Netizens and fans around the world should be careful about what they post online about celebrities.

This is because if you write something offensive, you get payback, as one of Zhang Ziyi’s fans learned the hard way.

Celebrities do read comments you write about them online, whether on their official social media pages or in this case, official fan club group chat.

On January 6, a fan went on Weibo to complain that Zhang Ziyi has kicked him out of the official fan club group chat after he posted his message: “Auntie, do you still remember what your profession is?”

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Zhang Ziyi removed a fan from her fanclub group chat after he posted an offensive post. Picture: Instagram

Over the past few years, there has been growing discontent among netizens and Zhang’s fans who think that the 41-year-old actress has not done enough acting. The fan’s comment was not polite but it was harmless though.

In the same post, the fan also wrote: “It’s inevitable that I was not careful enough with my words, I acknowledge that I was blacklisted [from the group] ‘cos of that. In the future, I will follow [her activities] quietly.”

His post went viral on the social media site, with many reposting it to discuss the Chinese actress’s actions. Some complained that she had overreacted to the fan’s comment, while others defended Zhang’s right to censor those who were rude to her.

Within a couple of hours later, the fan removed his original post, sharing in a later update that he had done so after seeing how other netizens were blowing the matter out of proportion, and using his original post to slander the actress.

He also shared that he “has chosen to continue loving [Ziyi]” and that he’s looking forward to her new projects.

“[Her] manager called me to express that it was all a misunderstanding! What I wish to say is that the main point isn’t whether she misunderstood my words or not, after all, I’ve been [a fan of her] for 15 years ‘cos I love her work and her personality. I’m very sorry that I commented before thinking my words through, what I wish to express now is this — since I’ve chosen to love her, I’ll love her forever,”  the fan wrote, adding that he is back in the group chat.

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