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Ex-WP candidate calls Pritam Singh "clown" for supporting free parking for teachers




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Mr Fazli Talip who was Workers’ Party’s () candidate in the 2011 General Election but has since resigned from the political party, has called WP Member of Parliament (MP) a “clown”.
Mr Fazli contested in the East Coast GRC in the 2011 election but resigned soon after, citing personal and work commitments as reasons for his departure. After that, he joined National Solidarity Party (NSP), but resigned from that Party as well, and just before 2015 General Election because he disagreed with NSP’s decision to go for a 3-way contest in Macpherson constituency with WP and People’s Action Party.
It is unclear if he is a member of any other political party now.
Mr Fazli called Mr Singh a “clown” for making a tongue-in-cheek comment about the news that Ministry of Education is considering imposing a parking fee on teachers who drive to the schools they teach in.
Commenting on that news, Mr Singh had said:
“Going by this logic, MINDEF must require all SAF regulars and NSmen to pay for parking in army/military camps. The Government should leave the status quo as it is and allow our teachers to focus on what they do best. So many of them stay back to help students – why indirectly penalise them?”
Mr Fazli probably not realising that Mr Singh’s comment about SAF regulars and NSmen was a witty one, said that requiring the men in the Forces “pay for parking space in camps is totally a bad idea” and labeled Mr Singh “clown”.
Describing how it is not practical for NSmen to park away from their camps, and it is also a bad idea, Mr Fazli made a prediction that the opposition party may lose Aljunied GRC because they have incapable MPs in that constituency.

Another clown from the WP side. Made such comparison without thinking. By making NSMen to pay for parking space in…

Posted by Mohamed Fazli Bin Talip on Friday, 8 January 2016

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