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ERP charges along CTE to be increased

The Land Transport Authority will increase the gantry charges by S$1 from Aug 31




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From next Monday (Aug 31), Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges at three gantries along the Central Expressway (CTE) will be increased by S$1.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement on Tuesday (Aug 25), that it plans to increase the gantry charges because of an increase in traffic during peak hours.

Currently, at a gantry along the Southbound CTE Auxillary Lane to PIE (Changi)/Serangoon road, there are no ERP charges during 7.30 am and 8 am, but with the increase, road users will now be charged S$1.

For the set of two gantries along the Northbound CTE after PIE, the ERP charges between 6pm to 6.30pm and 6.30pm to 7 pm, road users had to pay S$1 but with the increase, they now will have to pay S$2.

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During the Covid-19 circuit breaker, ERP charges were first suspended on Apr 6 with the expectation that traffic would be significantly reduced. The circuit breaker ended on June 1. After a review, the LTA announced that ERP rates at all gantries will remain at zero until July 26.

In a statement earlier, the LTA added: “Based on LTA’s monitoring of traffic conditions from end June to early July 2020, traffic speeds have remained optimal on all arterial roads and most expressways, except for some time periods on the Central Expressway (CTE),” LTA said.

ERP charges were reinstated along some stretches of the CTE from July 27 onwards.

The LTA said that because of the increase in traffic due to people travelling to and from their workplaces, there is now “localised congestion at specific locations along the CTE during the morning and evening peak periods”.

It added that it will continue to monitor traffic speeds and congestion levels closely. -/TISG

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