Asia Malaysia Dr Mahathir suffers a nose bleed at a media event, goes on...

Dr Mahathir suffers a nose bleed at a media event, goes on to say he was not aware of his mistakes in the by-election

What grabbed the attention was his answer to questions on the massive loss in Tanjung Piai, Johor on Saturday where he said, "Maybe I did wrong. How am I supposed to know that?"




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Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad literally suffered a nose-bleed at a press conference yesterday but in another event, he sarcastically said he does not know if he made mistakes leading to the defeat in the Johor by-election.

Saying the power transition between him and Anwar Ibrahim may happen any time but will happen when it is seen as necessary, he retorted to media pressing him on the issue with, “We do not know the country’s current state of affairs.”

“Whether it is time for the transition or not. When the times come, it will be done,” he said, meaning that he will surrender power only then.

But what grabbed the attention was his answer to questions on the massive loss in Tanjung Piai, Johor on Saturday because there was no power transition timeline and what he thought about those blaming him for the loss.

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He said.“Maybe I did wrong. How am I supposed to know that?” He spoke to the media after an event at the Hotel Movenpick yesterday, Tuesday, Nov 19.

Pakatan lost the seat to the re-surging Barisan Nasional opposition. The latter won by a margin of 15,086 votes, which Dr M said was unexpected.

He thought his party, Bersatu, would only lose by 2,000 votes. Several Pakatan members said there is a need for change in the PH leadership.

In another shocking event after the big defeat of the PH on Saturday was a ‘dinner’ at Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali’s house on Sunday.

At least 22 Barisan Nasional MP’s with ex-Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein in the lead converged to the minister’s house for dinner.

People who followed the event said it was supposed to be a private or secret affair but those with knowledge of the matter leaked it to the media.

Several cameramen and reporters were parked at the minister’s house to witness the happening. It is not every day that opposition MPs dine at a minister’s house; they say.

Matters became even more confusing when it was reported that five MPs from Anwar Ibrahim’s party PKR were also at the dinner.

Some of those present said they were discussing ‘economic’ matters with the minister while some PKR members were offended the media linked them to be part of a faction to snatch the PM post from Anwar Ibrahim in collusion with opposition MPs. -/TISG

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