Business & Economy Startups Dear startups and would-be startups, help is out there!

Dear startups and would-be startups, help is out there!




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Corporate innovation, accelerator and incubator programmes abound in the startup ecosystem

In this era of digitalisation, technology is a common medium to solve our everyday challenges and we can see it evidently from the transformation of taxi hailing to how we purchase items online and even to how we can harness energy. This past year has also witnessed the increasing role of in familiar apps, propelling technological innovation to even greater–and more exciting–heights.

With the booming of startups across the region within the last decade, the next billion dollar idea is waiting to be discovered amongst the many ideas invented by entrepreneurs that could potentially shape the way we live our everyday lives. Unfortunately, due to many founders’ lack of knowledge that external support and resources exist, the next big idea remains an idea or worse, left undiscovered.

If you’re that startup or would-be startup needing to know more about external support and available resources, we’d like to share the good news that corporate innovation, accelerators and incubator programmes abound in the ecosystem. If there’s one thing in common among these three programmes, it’s that their aim is to grow and accelerate an idea and bring the solution to market. They achieve this by providing support such as field experts, legal counselling, networking and even funding. In return, these programmes would acquire a certain percentage of equity. Around Southeast Asia, there has been an increase of these programmes with the objectives of investing in great ideas or adopting these ideas in their current business.

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The point is, help is out there! Having a great idea and not knowing how to bring that idea into implementation is close to not coming up with the idea at all. Entrepreneurs should get their brainchild noticed by these external programmes that are looking to provide support (with the aim of accelerating your innovation to market implementation). These are organisations willing to give you access to their network of corporates and mentors, and to help you craft a business model around it. In short, through these programmes, you will learn how to successfully run a company.

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As a media company in the startup ecosystem landscape, e27 constantly shares the latest news and updates for upcoming corporate innovation, accelerators and incubator programmes. In some cases, we will go to the extent of informing the entrepreneur personally through email if the idea or company falls within the desired sector of a particular programme! From our vast network of startups and organisers, we have seen multiple times how these two groups have collaborated successfully. To get kept in the loop, one can subscribe here!

We hope that this has been informative and helpful to early stage entrepreneurs who are just about to start their entrepreneurial journey. With the aforementioned support and help from the programmes, all one has to do is to reach out!


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