Home News City Harvest Church pastor urges congregation to defend faith against hurtful comments

City Harvest Church pastor urges congregation to defend faith against hurtful comments

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The Executive Pastor of City Harvest Church, Aries Zulkarnain, has clarified in his church’s website that anointing oil has never been sold at City Harvest Church.

On 13 March, some vials of oil prayed over by Kong went on sale in Carousell – but only briefly. Each vial was being sold for $10.
The seller, who went by the name of Gau also offered to sell it at a discount. But his offer to sell in Carousell was taken down a few hours later.


It is unclear why the seller took down the offer to sell, but Pastor Aries described it as a scam and said that his church had alerted Carousell about it.

The church also took news sites like Yahoo!, All Singapore Stuff and Mothership.sg to task for publishing the fake news and for failing to fact-check with the church.

Pastor Aries said that even if the church members found it hurtful when the public mocks their religious beliefs, they must be able to defend it.

“As Pastor Kong Hee preached from Mark 6:12-13 during service last weekend, Jesus asked the disciples to anoint the sick with anointing oil, when He sent them out. Just as the disciples did, so must we do.”

Pastor Aries asked his members to email the church if they needed a bottle of anointing oil to pray for their friends and family. He assured them that it is absolutely free.


A video of Kong Hee praying over thousands of vials of olive oil went viral recently. On Sunday (12 March), the pastor of the City Harvest Church handed these vials to members of his Church to use it on everyone who is sick.

He said that he cannot explain how it works, but peddled the oil as a possible cure for nightmares, for blessing walls of houses and for miracles to happen.

“You know, if you got nightmares, you cannot sleep, lay hands on the bed post – bed pillow. If you feel that your house needs to be blessed, I go and do house blessings, I lay hands on the wall – just lay hands…there’s power…it’s mystery of the kingdom. I don;t know how to explain it, but I know one thing, when I pray the prayer of faith and when I open the bottle…and I stretch out my hands…miracles happen…and it is going to happen for you alright? It’s going to happen for you!”

I want to thank all the City Harvest Church staff & City Harvest School of Theology (Official) students, who helped to prepare the bottles of anointing this week for all the members! I pray that the POWER of God will start flowing through your prayers of faith as you anoint the sick and oppressed with the oil of the Holy Spirit! "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, ANOINTING him with OIL in the name of the Lord" (James 5:14).我要感謝所有的CHC同工和SOT學生這週幫忙預備膏油,讓我們分給所有的會友!我禱告在你用聖靈的膏油為病人和受壓制的膏抹時,神的能力會透過你信心的禱告流露!「你們中間有病了的呢,他就該請教會的長老來;他們可以奉主的名用油抹他,為他禱告。」(雅5:14)

Posted by Kong Hee on Sunday, 12 March 2017

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