International World Child pees in food bowl at restaurant, mother tells waitress "the bowl...

Child pees in food bowl at restaurant, mother tells waitress “the bowl has to be washed anyway”




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At a Beijing restaurant recently, a boy told his mom that he needed to use the toilet. Instead of escorting him to the washroom, she simply handed him a bowl from the dining table and told him to pee.

A Weibo user witnessed this mother using a blue bowl to contain her son’s pee, before pouring it into another food bowl on 8 Oct. After being caught by a waitress, the unrepentant woman apparently replied, “the bowl has to be washed anyway.”

A local reporter visited the restaurant in Fangzhuang District the next day where a worker confirmed what had happened, saying that she had been working at the restaurant for more than 10 years, and this was a first for her.

She added that the woman’s decision was especially perplexing because a washroom is located on each floor for customers. She reassured that the woman’s bowl and utensils had been disposed of following the incident.

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Weibo users responded sarcastically to the incident. One user suggested, tongue in cheek, “since the bowl will be washed, the lady might just use it for eating later.”

Another one quipped: “Your toilet bowl can be washed. Why don’t you use it for eating?”

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