International Business & Economy Buyer’s regret? Owners of iPhones XS and XS Max report signal glitches

Buyer’s regret? Owners of iPhones XS and XS Max report signal glitches



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Bad news for the latest iPhones’ early adopters: WiFi connectivity and cell signal glitches are being reported by some consumers who purchased the iPhone XS and XS models, which were released last month.

Many of these customers owned earlier models of the iPhone, and are saying that they experienced better signal strength with the iPhone 7 and X. Others reported that they are unimpressed with the WiFi speed of the new models.

Users report on threads on aggregate site Reddit that it’s not telcos or carriers who have the problem. And new owners have even taken to the support forums of Apple and on MacRumors concerning this problem.

WiWavelength, a wireless technology blog, published a report that attested to these findings, showing that the new phones’ signal strength is measurably weaker than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models that were released in 2017.

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Since the new iPhones have an additional antenna band on the bottom edge of the phone, news that the phone has a weaker signal and WiFi connectivity is surprising indeed.

A similar problem was reported two years ago with the iPhone 7, which Apple was able to address with a software update. New users are hoping that this glitch is relatively , and just as easy to fix when enough user data about the issue is gathered.

Apple announced on October 3 that it would investigating LTE connectivity issues, and have reached out to affected customers.

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