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Build a strong foundation with e27 Academy




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or, Why you shouldn’t miss e27 Academy especially if you’re an early-stage startup founder or aspiring entrepreneur.

e27 academy

We keep saying that e27 Academy will equip early-stage startup founders or aspiring entrepreneurs with the content, connection, and community that they need to start, survive, and thrive in Southeast Asia.

So, let’s talk about the content part.

e27 Academy has 20 trainers and mentors who are all ready to teach and coach you to build your startup, focussing on these 5 pillars: Go-to-market, Productivity and Performance, Leadership and Management, Hiring, and Fundraising.

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Go to Southeast Asia Market

While saying “my market is the whole of Southeast Asia” seems both impressive and like a given already, actually making that a reality is complicated. The region is fragmented geographically, culturally, politically, and all sorts of -ly you can think of, and it is understandably difficult for companies with limited resources to cover the whole of it. But even so, there are startups who are able to slowly but surely make their way through the region.

Going to Southeast Asia market is difficult, but not impossible.

e27 Academy mentors and trainers will make sure you can.

With topics ranging from creating your go-to-market plan, branding and marketing, and unique cultural nuances you should know when conducting business in Southeast Asia, you will be well on your way to expanding your business across the region.

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Productivity and Performance

Startups need founders and teams that are consistently productivity and performing at an optimal level. The questions startup founders always have is how do they start off on the right foot?

We know that it’s not enough to just tell founders to do something – what may have worked well for one startup most likely will not with another, unless they make a few adjustments. In e27 Academy, our trainers and mentors will teach you the best practices for productivity and performance and then help you make it relevant for your startup.

It’s best to start with good habits in place.


Leadership and Management

Much of a startup’s success depends in it’s leaders. If a startup founder is running aimlessley all over the place like a chicken with its head cut off, then we can easily say that the startup will have a difficult time.

There are so many sources that talk about what startup founders should do, but little that talks about how to do them. For example, how do you deal with employee ego and extreme characters? How do you manage your investors and stakeholders? And what exactly can you do to keep your sanity intact throughout your startup journey?

e27 Academy trainers and mentors have tales to tell about leadership and management in their own startup journey that you can learn from. What’s more, they will give you tips and actionable advice that you can immediately implement in your own startup.

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One of the biggest and most impactful thing that a startup founder has to deal with is hiring. As you build your startup and as you scale across the region, you will need to build a strong team to help you conquer the world (or at least the region). You would want to make sure you do it correctly.

All your questions about hiring – your founding team, where to source for talent, building and managing a remote team, and even shortening the adjustment period from “just hired” to “being a contributing employee” – answered.



For startup founders, financial sources will definitely be a concern. There are a lot of investors in the region – from angels to VCs – as well as other options for raising funds, and startups founders generally know how to raise funds. Generally.

What new startup founders of today lack, however, is the technical know-how on fundraising. Like what documents do they need to prepare? What happens after they have raised funds? And even how do they start reaching out to potential investors. These are the important, practical things that e27 Academy will teach you.


Sure we talk about all these things in articles and conferences, but the operative word there is “talk”. With e27 Academy, you will spend three days actually being coached in these 5 pillars, making sure that you can come up with actionable steps that you can easily begin to apply to your startup the moment you get back.

Don’t miss getting a boost in building your strong foundation. You can only get your tickets until 11:59PM on Wednesday, November 7th. Get them at $499 each or $700 for two here

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