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Brawl at Thai disco along Middle road sees chairs being thrown across the room




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A violent brawl at a Thai disco along Middle road saw patrons throwing chairs across the room and at one another. The video, shared on social media went viral. While it is unclear as to why the fight started, from the video, many speculate that a man in a red shirt was the one who threw the first punch, starting the fight.

The video, shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff saw almost 200 reactions and about 300 shares within a matter of hours. It was contributed by a reader, and captioned, ‘Fighting at Middle Rd Thai disco. Is this really in Singapore? Why so fierce? Chill la guys’. The fight allegedly took place last night .


In the video, over twenty people can be seen to be in the middle of the disco fighting it out. Many also threw chairs and furniture at each other.

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Towards the end of the video, a man can be seen very clearly to pick up a chair and to throw it at another man, who falls backwards as a result. The man who threw the chair is then pushed outside by a woman, along with the person taking a video of the entire incident, which is where the video ends.

Netizens who commented on the video mostly seemed to be amused as much of the fighting was throwing furniture around the room.



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