Home News Bottoms up! Beer promoter in viral video holds cup to customer's mouth

Bottoms up! Beer promoter in viral video holds cup to customer’s mouth

She is warned and transferred for not following policy drawn up to prevent harassment and ensure safety of promoters




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Singapore — A promoter in a shop in helpfully made sure a customer finished his cup of beer has been warned against doing that. She has also been transferred elsewhere.

In the 20-second clip, which was uploaded on the SG Chinese Community page, a young woman in a dark-blue T-shirt with a  Tiger Beer logo can be seen holding a cup of beer to the mouth of a male patron so that he can drink it.


Posted by 新加坡华人华语网/SG Chinese Community on Saturday, March 7, 2020

The caption on the page reads: “Beer ladies nowadays still have this kind of service. But this service costs $50.” The post has been shared more than 1,200 times since it was uploaded on March 8 (Sunday).

As the man drinks up, someone says that such a service cost $50. When the man finishes, the promoter fills up the cup again and walks away. The man, who had been reading the papers, picks them up again but puts them on the table. Someone asks “Is it okay?”, to laughter. The customer looks in the direction of the camera but turns away. 

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The coffee shop is said to be located at Block 59, New Upper Changi Road.

The crowd-sourced news outlet Stomp reports that Breweries Singapore (APB) has issued a warning to the promoter.

The promoter is known as the “belle” among the beer ladies in the shop and has been on the for around six months. She is a favourite with customers because of her positive attitude, according to zaobao.com.sg.

One employee told its reporters: “That uncle is her regular customer who comes to drink every day. At that time, she asked him if he wanted to drink beer. He said yes but was reading the newspaper, so she just fed him beer without thinking much.”

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However, there is no S$50 fee for the service. The amount was likely to have been said in jest by one of the customers and repeated on the Facebook page.

APB said the promoter did not follow the Brand Promoters Policy of the firm which employed her and that such behavior would not be tolerated. It reminded all beer promoters to comply with its policy, which was drawn up to prevent harassment and to ensure their safety.

Netizens could not resist poking fun at the customer in the video.

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