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Borderline sexting by Carrie Wong and Ian Fang leaked, apologies follow

According to The Celebrity Agency head Ivy Low, the conversation was a private exchange conducted in jest and there was nothing going on between the two




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Singapore – The direct messages (DMs) on Instagram between local celebrities Carrie Wong and Ian Fang were leaked and have been trending online. The messages were steamy, borderline sexting.

Please be advised that the following screengrabs, translated by popular blogger xiaxue, contain inappropriate language with plenty of sexual innuendos.

The messages began with mild flirting where the two were hinting they missed each other.

Ian: Are you acting cute?

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Carrie: Good if I succeeded

Ian: Miss me?

Carrie: Naturally

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

The next screengrab caught Ian admitting that he too missed Carrie.

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

They went on to talk about other matters, which could be seen below:

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

Xiaxue also gave a comparison of “Carrie in private vs in public interviews.”

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

The following screengrab showed Ian commenting on how comfortable it was to sleep with Carrie and how he was looking forward to the next time.

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

More flirting proceeded, followed by a typical conversation where Ian asked what Carrie was up to.

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

What happened next:

Ian: Even if I can’t bear with it I still will. (xiaxue commented how she wasn’t sure what Ian was referring to)

Carrie: In what way?

Ian: Mentally and physically.

Carrie: I can’t bear with it mentally…I’ve suffered mentally for so many years.

Ian: How about physically?

Carrie: Don’t leave me with blue black bruises.

Ian: Haha little idiot. I’ll try my best. Loads of love bites.

Carrie: If you make me feel pain again (referring to the bruising), I will really bite you back!


They even had a little jealousy spat.

Then some more steamy messages about shooting.

Photo: Instagram screengrab by xiaxue

According to a report by AsiaOne, the conversation happened in February and have been validated by the two stars to be genuine. However, they are not dating.

Carrie made a public post on Instagram with her boyfie, Boris Lin, on Valentine’s Day but took the post down. Meanwhile, Ian is said to be dating actress Rebecca Lim.

Ivy Low, the head of The Celebrity Agency, said in response to the revelation, “The conversation, as we understand it, was a private exchange conducted in jest. However, it was distasteful and inappropriate.”

“The parties involved are deeply embarrassed and have no doubt, taken away many lessons from this unfortunate incident,” she added.

Ms Low said that they expect their artists, as public figures, “to conduct themselves professionally and appropriately at all times.”

The two parties have released statements that the conversation was merely done in jest and should not be taken seriously as they are only close friends.

“Carrie and I are good friends who talk about everything. I admit that the language used was crass and inappropriate, and I am sorry for that,” said Ian.

“I would also like to apologise to those who have seen the messages. As a public figure, I will be more mindful of my actions from now on.”

Carrie admitted to not putting a filter on their personal conversations due to their closeness.

She shares her regret on the situation, “I deeply regret the unnecessary inconvenience and hurt caused by the coarse language in our private texts.”

“I have been constantly reflecting on the incident and will take responsibility for my inappropriate language,” said Carrie.

“I am grateful to my boyfriend for his trust and I would like to apologise to everyone.”


In one of the screengrabs above, the two were seen talking about someone. “Who does he think he is? How can he compare to Aloysius?” questioned Carrie. To which Ian replied, “Lawrence ah? No matter, you will win for sure.”

After the post went viral, the “Lawrence” of the conversation allegedly fired back via an Instagram post on May 15. It was none other than Lawrence Wong who replaced the late Aloysius Pang in the lead role for My One in a Million.

“I’m proud of my whole journey as an actor. To put it bluntly, I started off at the lowest level. I had no backing from a rich company,” wrote @ohohlawrence.

Read the full post describing his journey below:

View this post on Instagram

an excerpt from my latest cover story interview with @8dayssg: . “I’m proud of my whole journey as an actor. To put it bluntly, I started off at the lowest level. I had no backing from a rich company. The TV station didn’t want to sign me. I didn’t come from a competition and was immediately given substantial roles. I really started from the lowest point. Back then I could barely survive and I had to do hosting gigs which I’m not good at. I hated hosting but I had to do it to survive. I stumbled here and there and I honed my craft slowly bit by bit. I made a lot of sacrifices. I ate a lot of shit to slowly become who I am today. So I don’t think it’s just about going to China. I think my whole process, if I dare say, is a good lesson for everyone. No one wanted me. I was really at the bottom.” . during the interview, i didn’t realize i gave the perfect answer to all the naysayers who think that my achievements are due to “good looks”, “connections” or just simply “luck”. #LWmediacoverage

A post shared by Lawrence Wong 王冠逸 (@ohohlawrence) on

To further confirm that it was Lawrence Wong they were talking about in the conversation, Shin Min Daily News reported that Carrie has apologized to Lawrence.

Carrie also went to Instagram to post for the first time since the scandal. The post, which had a picture of her and Lawrence, said, “Thank you for being the bigger person. Despite everything you lend me your listening ear and offer me words of encouragement. I’ve learned and will keep learning. Once again, I’m sorry.”

Among the celebrities such as Andie Chen, Desmond Tan, and Dasmond Koh, who showed their support for Carrie, Carrie’s boyfriend also left a message.

Photo: Instagram screengrab

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