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A complaint to beat all complaints




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This must be the mother of all complaints. A Singaporean, Lau Thiam Huat, went to the police in Johor on April 30 to complain about the fried rice he ate at a Johor food stall.

He was upset because the nasi lemak kampong he ate was too spicy. He accused the food stall of using too much chilli in his dish.

“The reason why I am making this report is because I am very unhappy with the rice I ate and wish to go to a hospital for a check-up,” he said.

The deputy police chief also confirmed that he received the report, but declined to comment if the Malaysian police would pursue the matter.

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Complaining has become a Singaporean trait. Humorist Mr Brown told CNN  in 2012: “In Singapore, complaining is a national sport. It is even more popular than local football, which has been getting dismal attendances lately, an average of 214 tickets sold per game

“I think if we took the millions we give to Singapore soccer and pumped it into a new sport, Pro Complaining, we’d be raking in the moolah.”

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