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8 podcasts that every entrepreneur should listen to




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Podcasts are starting to blow up in startup world. Here are 8 good ones to check out

Entrepreneurs are always on the hunt to learn something new and interesting. Be it about entrepreneurship, finding life inspirations or motivations. The idea is to surround oneself with content that helps you stay focused and positive towards your approach.

And being an entrepreneur myself, I find it quite hard to follow online reading materials on a regular basis. That is why podcasts are the best when it comes to instant updates and motivation.

Here’s a list of 8 podcasts that I’d highly recommend following on a regular basis.

The Growth Show by HubSpot

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This is a weekly podcast where Hubspot’s CMO, Kipp Bodner, interviews leading personnel from growing companies, movement idea and sometimes even a team.

What makes this to my list is how remarkable growth stories are dissected into bite-sized pieces of inspirational hearing. It offers a plethora of advice that startup founders may find very useful. The episodes are tight and focussed interviews.

This one is highly recommended to someone who is inclined towards digital marketing. What works for me is that the interviewees come from a rather diverse group of companies – large and small, including tech and non-tech.

eChai Ventures

This highly interactive podcast resonates with vibrancy – a group of entrepreneurs discuss the burning issues in the startup industry and offers a solution to it. It thrives on the startup scenario across India with even offline events taking place at different locations. It offers a rich source of first-hand information, sourced from entrepreneurs for startup enthusiasts.

You will find discussions ranging from how to register a company online to successfully running it and achieving business goals. More than just the podcast, it is a great startup network that can help you link to potential investors as well within the local community.

Lewis Howes

Though this has been around since 2013, I have been an ardent fan of the School of Greatness for the past couple of years. This is also one of the fast-growing business and self-development podcasts on iTunes. It also consistently appears in the Top 50 iTunes podcasts with downloads of over 2 million per month.

The Episodes will have interviews from famous personalities from various fields. Be it entrepreneurship, sports, and health and lifestyle. They have a solo round with the host Lewis Howes along with the once a week listener’s favourite – 5 Minute Friday format.

The guests have to be brutally honest and this includes people like Alanis Morissette, Tony Robbins, Julianne Hough, Scooter Braun, Jack Canfield, and even Arianna Huffington.

The Minimalists

The podcast that is most different! This one goes beyond the usual clichés of success, failure and business jargon.

Minimalists are all about downsizing your life – from unnecessary stuff, including relations that do not add value to your life. The philosophy of ‘less is more’ is discussed broadly by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

For entrepreneurs, this is a very useful podcast that has various guests, including includes famous bloggers and authors. Their recent podcast ‘Millionaires’ has one amazing statement coming from Joshua –

“Don’t try to make money — try instead to make something that adds so much value that people want to pay for it.”

This says it all!

This Week in Startups

Invest in listening to this podcast even before you start a new business or even if you are running one. The host Jason understands Startups pretty well because there is no sugar coating involved when he speaks about them.

The information is highly original and when the guest speaks – coming straight out of horse’s mouth, so to say! This one is about real problems of real entrepreneurs and the way they overcome it.

The best is the way how he touches upon the problems faced by entrepreneurs with such clarity.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

The key value that this podcast holds for me is that things are transparent and honest over here.

This includes inspiring entrepreneurs speaking of their monthly income and how they handle their finances as well. The core idea that runs through the show is to emulate successes and avoid failures. It’s a must-listen podcast for those seeking to learn the art of making the right choices in business during its early days and have a knack of learning from others’ mistakes.

The Entrepreneurs on Fire dwells on the idea of giving budding entrepreneurs the inspiration and strategies required to boost their entrepreneurial journey.


The MFCEO Project was started by Andy Frisella- an entrepreneur and an innovator, for motivating the listeners to succeed not only in business but also life in general.

This one always features on the top-10 lists of iTunes Podcast in the niche of marketing and management category. Honesty is central to this podcast as he calls it a “no BS” podcast that has guest entrepreneurs coming over to share their business insights.

They share their success and failure stories alike and talk about putting passion to work. Plus, they don’t use sponsors, allowing a smooth flow of the podcast with literally no hiccups.

Impact Theories

Again, a podcast with some interviews involved. The Impact Theory offers deep insights on doing business and cultivating a mindset that helps you transform your overall habits as well.

This inspiring podcast is hosted by Tom Bilyeu who himself is a serial entrepreneur a co-founder at one of the Inc. 500 company – Quest Nutrition.

He also hosted a successful Youtube –Inside Quest having above 100 million views. He himself is quite eager to learn a thing or two from the guests and shares instant insights for the listeners. The inputs are something that you can put to work immediately.

If you too share the love for podcasts, do mention which ones do you follow and why? I’ll be glad to add a few more to my lists of favourites.

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