Featured News Video of racist man trying to kick migrant worker out of lift...

Video of racist man trying to kick migrant worker out of lift angers many Singaporeans




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A video of a racist man has been circulating on social media and it has received many angry comments from netizens.



The man, presumably middle-aged can be seen telling a migrant worker, “Go out, you are f*****g dirty people, go out, don’t take the lift”.

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To which, the migrant worker replies, “I take the lift, going to the tunnel (of the ) MRT”.

The man repeatedly kicks at the migrant worker, gestures with his foot and says, “F**k off la you go off la”.

“You Indian, f**k off”

At one point, the migrant worker refers to the man as ‘Sir’, and says, “Sir I’m going to the tunnel (of the) MRT”.

Despite this, he continues yelling, “I don’t want to take with you, you dirty people, you go out”.

Another man comes into the lift and the racist man tells him as well that he does not want to take the lift with the migrant worker.

“I don’t want to take (the life) with him. Ask him to go out. Dirty, smelly”, he says.

Despite this, he leaves the lift as the other man got inside.

Throughout the video, only the racist man uses expletives. The migrant worker does not even reply rudely, and even refers to the racist man as ‘Sir’.

Why was he not returned the respect he gave?

Netizens who saw the video were all of the consensus that the actions of the man were very racist.

It is surprising that incidents like these still happen today. Singapore should be progressed enough that people are not stereotyped by their skin colour, race or vocation.



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