Two women fly out of a bus and over the flyover in a fatal accident near Tuas Checkpoint

The accident occurred around 4.25am when the bus, which was carrying 17 people, crashed into a railing near the checkpoint

A bus crash near Tuas Checkpoint in the wee hours of Tuesday (26 Feb) saw two women being flung out of the bus and over the flyover connected to the checkpoint. The bus was heading into Singapore from Malaysia.

Two female passengers, who are believed to have been seated near the front of the bus, were thrown out and over the flyover.

Both women were found at the foot of the flyover, which is about three storeys high. One of the women, 35-year-old Malaysian citizen Ms Mok Fei Chen, was pronounced dead at the scene while the other woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Ms Mok, a Hewlett Packard employee, lived in Johor Bahru with her husband and two daughters, aged eight and ten years old. Ms Mok and her husband were reportedly on their way to work in Singapore when the accident occurred.

Ms Mok’s loved ones are mourning over the loss of a beloved wife, mother, daughter and friend.

The police, in the meantime, have arrested the 59-year-old bus driver for causing death by a rash act. Investigations are ongoing.