Tin Pei Ling takes over from another PAP MP to become CEO of Business China


Business China announced today that ruling party politician Tin Pei Ling will be taking over as chief executive, from May 21. The Macpherson SMC MP will be replacing fellow PAP MP Sun Xueling, who has helmed the organisation since November 2015.

Business China is a government-linked non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen cultural and economic ties between Singapore and China by harnessing the support of the public sector and private enterprises. Spearheaded by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the organisation was launched in November 2007.

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Sun Xueling became the CEO of Business China in November 2015 – a mere two months after she was elected into politics in September 2015.

Sun – who was recently promoted to Senior Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development in the latest Cabinet reshuffle – will relinquish her post on 21 May and hand over the reigns of the organisation to Tin.

Tin will join Business China from Jing King Tech Holdings, an organisation that has “extensive operations” in China and ASEAN, where she served as group director for corporate strategy.

Besides thanking Sun for her many contributions to the organisation and helping to build bridges with its Chinese partners, Business China’s Chairman Lee Yi Shyan highlighted Tin’s experience with Jing King Tech and added: “Ms Tin is the Member of Parliament for MacPherson SMC and is passionate about bilingualism and biculturalism.”

Tin added that it is a “great privilege” to be able to build on Business China’s work: “Now more than ever, Singapore must continue to remain relevant in this highly dynamic world that we live in. I see Business China as the vehicle through which we cultivate and connect with bicultural talents who can help strengthen Singapore’s position as the cultural and economic bridge linking the world and China.”


  1. No surprise la… What’s surprising is Singaporeans knowing the absolute abuse of authority continuously voting for them… INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING AND HOPING FOR A DIFFERENT RESULT. Wake up Singapore… Vote for a change… For once vote with a brave heart and a hope for a better future…than voting out of fear.

  2. See how “meritocracy” works for the chosen ones? She was a not so senior consultant at Bain. Got onto the PAP fast track – married into the establishment, rode into Parliament on an ex-PM’s coattails, found herself with a salary double what she used to earn. And now, 7 years later, voila, CEO. At what compensation? That’s how the PAP gravy train works.

  3. Beware of communist PRC infiltration to the highest office of parliament and political office!… now that the “motherland” self-proclaimed communist-dictator PRC Xi embrassing Marxism and nationalism, and changing new international world order in OBOR and SCS missile systems!

    I always reiterate : the greatest national security threat to SINGAPOREANS and SINGAPORE is not Mas Selamat nor ISIS, but a “dishonorable son”!… and his “Trojan Horse FT Infiltration” open-legged immigration policy for self-serving leetator-shit power preservation!