Teck Lee LRT station remains shut for over 10 years despite assurances by the authorities


Teck Lee LRT station – a station on the Punggol LRT Line – remains shut over a decade after it was built despite repeated assurances by the authorities. It is the only LRT on the Punggol network that remains closed to date:


The Punggol LRT line officially opened on 29 January 2005. Planning for the line had been in the works since 1999 and construction was completed in 2004.

The area surrounding Teck Lee station, named after a prominent businessman Lim Teck Lee, was slated for residential development back then but such plans never materialised.

Today, the dilapidated station is shrouded by forests, as can be seen in this video of the area by filmmaker Maxson Goh, published in October this year.

The authorities have repeatedly announced that Teck Lee station will be opened shortly but such plans have not come to fruition so far.

On 29 Dec 2016, SBS Transit announced that the station will open in tandem with developments in the region surrounding the station. Such plans did not materialise.

Earlier this year, The Straits Times announced that the station will be opened on 31 March 2017:

“Residents in Punggol will find it much easier to get to the Marina Country Club, near Punggol Way, when another station on the Punggol light rail transit (LRT) system opens for service next Friday.
“Teck Lee station (PW2) is set to open when its surrounding area is developed. The loop service ends at Punggol Town Centre station – which is connected to the Punggol MRT station.”

These latest plans also did not come to pass.

Interestingly, trains passing through the Punggol LRT network always stop at the empty station but the doors never open. This, coupled with the decrepit appearance of the station, has prompted urban legends and ghost stories about the station and the cause of its closure to abound.

For now, it remains unclear whether Teck Lee is another victim of poor government planning.

A snake appears to have shed its skin upon the barricade blocking entry into the abandoned station

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  1. It is not open because there are not developments next to it. You can’t say it’s due to poor planning as it will be useful in the future. If you want them to be operational from day one, learn from Bukit Panjang LRT, and build a roller coaster.

  2. So what does our multi million dollar ministers and our ‘never wrong’ government have to say to this? Disgusting. Am curious why the opposition have never raised this in parliament all these years! Our politicians truly are the lowest life forms !

  3. You want the station to open, ask hdb to built more flats there. There are many undevelope places in punggol from sumang area all the way to behind OBS, punggol beach and punggol east just before the new police station at punggol east. Later after 3-4 years we can see a complete punggol with N4, N5, N7, N8, N9, N3, N6. All these blocks flat will end from 399 and 999. But how come hdb never built block 999 in jurong and tampines.

  4. LHL said in 2015 that the the area surrounding Teck Lee station has been earmarked for education premises. The future SIT campus will be located beside Teck Lee LRT. The station won’t open anytime soon as construction has not even begin

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