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Suggesting minorities need cosmetic appointees is an insult to maturity of community




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By: Damanhuri Abas

The PM said last night that from time to time there is to be a Malay or Indian or a minority president and that the majority Chinese must be willing to allow that.

My God, after 50 years we are still talking like this. The most recent survey already speaks volume of racial intolerance and discriminatory attitude still prevalent in society. Policies have failed.

The minority do not want any cosmetic appointees that in reality is an insult to the maturity of the community.

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The minority has no choice but to accept the reality that we will remain the number we are as the Government has made it its policy to maintain the demographic numbers against the natural organic growth that is happening in society.

This double speak and dishonesty are what irks the minority. As a maxim, we must see what is happening and being done rather than what is being said as justification for policies. It may sound magnanimous and pleasant but it hides away the ugly truth of discrimination that continues unabated.

The minority only wishes for the Government to honour the constitution and abide by the principle of our country’s pledge. We want equality and justice.

A Chinese leader who practices justice and equality and not just preaches it will have the support of all minorities. That Chinese leader is any day more worthy than a token minority that serves nothing towards equality and justice but is a mere mouthpiece for the establishment.

Enough hypocrisy please.

Majulah Singapura untuk Semua Rakyat!!!

Republished from Damanhuri Abas’ FB.

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