Home News Singapore may be destroyed, but MDA may just save the day

Singapore may be destroyed, but MDA may just save the day




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Singapore may get destroyed!
Don’t worry yet – it’s not for real. But in an American movie, Independence Day: Resurgence (IDR).
A trailer of the movie was screened during Super Bowl, an annual championship American football game of the National Football League. And at the 0.22 mark of the trailer, a city which looks very similar to Singapore gets destroyed.

The trailer does not explicitly mention Singapore getting destroyed. A pair of keen eyes will also notice that the container which crashes is too close to shore, the Esplanade Bridge is on the wrong side, and the Singapore icon Merlion is nowhere to be found.
But Marina Bay Sands (MBS) stands out, and the city is unmistakably Singapore.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=g5K0lKrebqg”]IDR is a sequel to the 1996 American epic science fiction disaster film. The sequel also features Singapore actor Ng Chin Han, and he plays the role of a pilot – not on an RSAF pilot, but a pilot from China.
chinhanBut Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) may yet save the day for Singapore – but only in Singapore.
In 2014, the Singapore police investigated Singaporean Caleb Rozario for  “transmitting” a “false message under Section 45(a) of the Telecommunications Act, Chapter 323″. He had created and posted a video of MBS blowing-up.
mbsvideo2So, if the action by police is any indication, MDA may just save the day by ordering a cut of this scene from the movie before it gets a censor rating for the screening here.

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