Singapore Democratic Alliance chief involved in “fishy” business

Lim worked with 140 volunteers gutting 645kgs of fish as part of a food donation drive for the less fortunate

Photo: RedWire Times

Singapore Democratic Alliance chief Desmond Lim was recently seen getting involved in “fishy” business. Lim was seen on 26 Mar with 140 volunteers gutting 645kgs of fish as part of a food donation drive, aimed at providing meals to the underprivileged.

Mr Lim and the volunteer also worked hand in hand to prepare another 1,050kgs of chicken and 500kgs of vegetables for the needy. The food products were donated by the Active Anglers fishing enthusiast group.

The charity drive was initiated to benefit Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that used the fish, chicken and vegetables that Mr Lim and his volunteers prepared to feed needy individuals.

The volunteers who aided Mr Lim are residents of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and members of his charity group, Dedicated Locals’ Caring Community. According to the RedWire Times, the charity group has been supplying meals to about 2,500 beneficiaries “who are mostly elderly uncles and aunties,” over the past few years.

When the publication asked Mr Lim why many people are not aware of these efforts, Mr Lim reportedly replied: “This is charity lah. It is a small effort. That’s why I keep it low-key and never publicise, so that people don’t misunderstand and think you want to score (political) points.”

He added: “People can laugh at me. I am okay. As long as I can do my work and help people in my own way, I am happy.”