Secondary school students allegedly chased down teacher who confronted them for smoking; teacher had to hide in science lab and call for help


According to a Chinese daily, a pair of students from Yuying Secondary School charged at and cornered a teacher who confronted them for smoking. The Guang Ming Daily reported that the teacher, Ms Wong (transliterated), had followed a trail of smoke in the fourth storey of the school, located at Hougang, and found a group of boys.

One of the students in the group, Tan Kai Xian (transliterated) who was then 17, denied smoking and shouted at the teacher to stop scolding them. Tan reportedly yelled at the teacher, “Shout what shout, no need to shout, okay?” before kicking over a rubbish bin that was sitting along the corridor.

When the Ms Wong tried to take photos of the boys and the mess they created, Tan and another schoolboy named Shanik allegedly tried to flee the scene, before turning back and charging at her.

Terrified, Ms Wong ran to hide in a science lab nearby and shouted for help from inside. It remains unclear how long she was left in the lab before someone found her. The incident occurred on 28 Feb last year.

Ms Wong was reportedly traumatised by the incident and allegedly remained afraid of staying past certain hours at school, for fear of similar attacks by other students, out of revenge.

The Chinese daily reported on Saturday that Tan faced 5 charges in court last week for offences including harassment and trespassing into the staff room of the Chinese medium secondary school.  Tan allegedly barged into the staff room in another incident and rummaged through a teacher’s desk in search of his phone.

Tan had reportedly left the phone with the teacher when he went for a toilet break, as per the norm in the school – but was unhappy when the teacher did not return it to him immediately after he returned from a lengthy 45-minute break.

This is reportedly not Tan’s only offence. He allegedly thrashed a schoolmate at a Hougang void deck after he challenged the schoolmate to a fight, which the schoolmate declined. Tan had allegedly been “yearning” for a fight as he was in a bad mood following police investigations.

Tan will reportedly be sentenced on 28 May.

Guang Ming Daily report, dated 22 Apr 18


  1. In case anyone forgot, we have TWO million-$$$ Ministers i/c MOE since GE2015.
    In case anyone forgot, we seen reports of students harassing teachers during these TWO Ministers’ term.
    Guess who was so *bright* to appoint TWO co-Education Ministers who produced such *results*?
    {Seven boys were found to have taken the photos and videos with their smartphones, and 23 others received and/or shared the images.

    The expelled boy had been involved in a similar incident at his previous school. He was found to be in possession of the images but was not among the seven who recorded the images, the principal told TNP.

    Following the report, TNP received tip-offs about similar incidents in three other secondary schools.}

  2. So simple…. look, hes YEARNING FOR A FIGHT, LOVES VIOLENCE, VERY VERY TOUGH…. i’m more than certain he will be able to take care of himself in changi… hes crying out begging to be in there….put this tough guy there lah! Afterall hes indeed changi material… he’ll do just fine in there with his kind….

  3. Is the school name “ chinese medium secondary school “? Anyway nowadays students behavior is deplorable. No discipline & respect for anyone, not even their own parents. ( see the last incident in TP ). These youngsters will grow up to be selfish, cruel, evil & will cause disgrace to their families.

  4. That never happened in the past cos the school authorities were king the students slaves.The cane was there.Then later on the cane gone missing and the students tried to become the king.Spare the cane and spoilt the kids become the next thing.And this is what happen cos caning in front of the school assembly was a thing of the past not now.Who cares about discipline anymore not the kids/