Pritam Singh’s advice to ITE students receives widespread praise from netizens who compare him to Chan Chun Sing


Workers’ Party Secretary General Pritam Singh met with a number of Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students yesterday, at the opening of the second session of the 13th Parliament. Reflecting on the time he spent with the students on his Facebook page, Singh revealed the advice he gave the young generation. He shared:

“I had a good time speaking to a number of students at the opening of Parliament yesterday, including Nicole and Samantha from ITE College West. I found them no less engaged and determined than their peers from the polytechnics and junior colleges. And that to me is key in the long-run.
“The person with the better qualifications usually finds it easier to open the door to a good future. But once you are through the door, attitude and drive and determination count for a lot more than one thinks. Any employer or SME boss will tell you that.
“So it is important to work hard to get into a course you like and pursue excellence. Those who are determined and do not settle for mediocrity will inevitably do well. Luck, opportunity, a good mentor etc. all play their part as do strong moral values.
“But don’t let anyone tell you in your youth that you are a failure and cannot make it – regardless whether you are in a polytechnic, junior college or ITE. Attitude and resilience counts. And I saw it in abundance yesterday. Good luck and best wishes!”

Netizens responding to Singh’s post quickly showered him with praise and appreciated the valuable advice he imparted to the young students. Several netizens also drew comparisons between Singh’s advice to what Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing told students in 2016.

Speaking to about 300 Polytechnic students, the PM frontrunner had urged youths to go beyond relying on good grades for jobs and told students that the times are changing fast and that employers of the future would be less interested in paper qualifications and grades.

In another forum that year, Chan emphasised that grades are not everything. He said, “Don’t become a yardstick society in which we aimlessly, blindly chase goals regardless of what we’re good at. That’s the saddest thing we can do for ourselves,” before adding that while achieving a high GPA is important, it does not ensure employment:

“…there are more things in life. When you look for employment, and you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t anticipate or analyse, no employer will take you even if you have a GPA of 4.0.
“This is something I fear for our society – where everyone goes after the same thing, the same yardstick, and we end up in what sociologists call a ‘prisoner’s dilemma’. That’s what scares me.”

Opening of Parliament———————-I had a good time speaking to a number of students at the opening of…

Posted by Pritam Singh on Monday, 7 May 2018


  1. Very evil, import FT with degree to replace locals. Save the cost of education on locals and spent it on foreigners by giving free scholarship. Local without degree will do blue collar work. This Garment is not looking after Singaporeans. Bad policies. Paper qualification is important, next time PAP will ask those without qualifications to go other country to work as maid or hard labour.

  2. It’s quotes like these from ministers that should really worry us…it shows how disengaged they are from the realities of everyday life in Singapore. Worse still, it reflects how low an opinion these political elites have of the general population…to expect us to swallow this swill when the ruling party and the civil service are all about paper and little else.

    • (Zaidy) By following the ruling Party? Look where they got us into…Graduates find it hard to job..even if they do, they don’t get the salary they deserve….

      They use to Push Singaporeans to get University Cert but now they are worry due to many Graduates but not enough/good paying job for them….then they start saying having Cert is not only the key towards success…then came up with a new scheme pushing for Skill workers instead…..

  3. CCS is walking n talking in the clouds…. Far above ground level, Far removed from the realities that us minions face in the working world.

    Enough of such airy fairy nonsensical platitudes from these Ministers. Ministers who have had their scholarships and career paths served to them on a silver platter.

    Do we still want such leaders to lord it over us, to lead us to the abyss of despair?

    I think that more n more Singaporeans now are thirsting for true leadership. Not scholars. Not ex army, navy, air force generals. But true leaders from the ranks of ordinary Singaporeans who have the courage, wisdom, humility and tenacity to really make a better future for ALL of us.

  4. just go and buy the papers, like many fts with dubious qualifications and CVs. now many of them pretending to be drs in hospitals. who created this mess?

    nisha also can go usa, you don’t need papers.

    what a joke.

    yang yin also can get pr. how many yang yins and nishas? massage parlours workers now bragging they are sgs. who created this mess?

  5. my humble advice to ITE student continue to study and if u can study overseas Uni and after u finish your studies find a job there and once u settle down set your root there and when the time comes bring along your parent!

    never never let people look down on u just because u are ITE!!!
    show them u can be as good as them or even better!!!!

  6. Why not the minsters all lead by example

    Start this law that all government ministers off springs and decendents are binded by law not to go into any university or will not be able to obtain a degree from any university – then I will gladly barred my own son from School with immediate effect