Paranormal Investigator claims to have found ghost of murdered woman in Bukit Batok Nature Park


28-year-old Mohd Ariffin, a public servant and a member of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators, has claimed to have found a ghost of a murder victim in Bukit Batok Nature Park, in a video interview to the BIO channel.

Ariffin was alerted to a supernatural presence in the park by jogger Cynthia Jonell Soh who had heard soft sounds of someone crying during her regular jog. Although she didn’t find anything when she went to check the undergrowth near the jogging track, she had an eerie feeling about the sounds that persisted and approached Ariffin to investigate further.

When Cynthia brought the case to Ariffin, he thought that the ghost might be of a woman who was raped and murdered at the park. In 2000, 27-year-old oil company executive, Linda Chua, was brutally raped and found in the deep undergrowth surrounding the jogging track. She later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. The culprit remains at large.

When he went to the area Cynthia identified to him, Ariffin felt an unnatural coldness enveloping his body. When he started asking if anyone was there and whether they would alert him to their presence, he suddenly saw a white figure standing in the vegetation in front of him.

Ariffin claims that the figure did not resemble a human and when he asked it whether it is the woman who was murdered, the figure dashed through the forested area. It finally stopped at the top of the nature trail where it momentarily grew in size before disappearing in the forest.

Although Ariffin claims to have been shaken by the event, he looks forward to getting to the bottom of this case with his fellow investigators.

Watch Ariffin and Cynthia’s accounts of the ghost in Bukit Batok Nature Park here:

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Posted by Real Ghost Stories on Wednesday, 3 June 2015


  1. Stop this nonsense. Next thing they will say is religious helpers are hatching a surreptitious Marxist plot to overthrow common sense within the community.
    These idle minds are getting afraid of their own shadows.

  2. This lady was jogging alone on the 1st day of Lunar New Year in year 2000.It is a very tough case for the police since no one was ard t area.She died in hospital a week later …its impossible for her soul to be still in the park since she did not died there.I just hope only KARMA will punished the attacker.

  3. Now that I know how useless our agencies is,murderer STILL at large.only know how to catch rats,small time couriers and hang people and murderer somewhere la Kopi .what a disgrace !!

  4. I used to live in the area back in the 70s, the park used to be a Coconut and Durian Plantations, before it was transformed into Nature Parks, even before the incidents, we the Residents who lived there, Can feel something odd, you always look over your shoulders, eery feeling is there, that’s the personal experience, as a young Boys, me and my friends used to venture out the into the “jungle” nearby which is part of the Nature Park.

  5. If there is really a ghost of the raped/murdered lady jogger as claim by the Paranormal Investigator, my question is why the ghost didn’t go after the culprit(s)?. As it is, the ghost is just staying put at BB Nature Park & at the same time frightening the people using the park. Is there a different set of logic/rationality/reasoning in the world of ghosts as compared to the world of homo sapiens?.

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