Over a year of speculation later, teachers confirm they will have to pay between $720-$960 to park in schools


Teachers at all primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges will have to start paying hundreds of dollars for parking at school premises from 1 Aug this year. Teachers speaking to reporters on the condition of anonymity – since they are not authorised to publicly comment on such matters – said that this new policy was announced at staff briefings in various national schools this morning.

Reporters claim to have seen documents that show that teachers who drive cars will have to pay S$720 yearly for parking in uncovered lots and S$960 for covered lots, while motorcyclists will be charged S$123 annually for parking in uncovered lots and S$135 for covered lots.

The news comes after over a year of speculation that a school carpark policy review will cause teachers to pay fees for parking on school premises. Speculation arose after the Auditor-General Office’s (AGO) last year flagged the Institute of Technical Education and two polytechnics for not imposing parking charges, or charging below market rate, for use of their car parks.

Interestingly, the AGO report did not highlight our public schools for such lapses. The Ministry of Education (MOE) had said last year on the matter: “We understand the concerns raised and we are with you in appreciating the dedication and hard work by all our teachers. We seek your patience and understanding as we are still in the process of reviewing the carpark policy for schools, bearing in mind civil service guidelines and recent AGO observations. We are taking the time to do this carefully.”

The Ministry has yet to comment on the implementation of the carpark policy review, which was initiated as park of a “clean wage policy” that is meant to make any hidden perks and subsidies for teachers transparent.

Teachers, who join the ranks of staff at polytechnics and ITE who already pay for parking, argue that their circumstances differ from other civil servants. One secondary school teacher told reporters: “But the issue is, we’re unlike other civil servants where they can leave after their working hours end. We still have to cater to students needs such as extra lessons and CCAs. That means we have to stay back in the school longer than we want to.”

Another secondary school teacher said that the new annual charges are unfair since teachers may not necessarily be in school daily during the school holidays: “We don’t really come back every day, so what’s the point of paying?”

It is puzzling why MOE is not allowing school staff to park for free in the public schools that they work in anymore when MPs have reportedly parked at ‘authorised use only’ space to go for their walkabouts:

Government leaders have also stopped enforcement officers from issuing summons on roads where their car is parked illegally.

In one similar case recently, the Land Transport Authority confirmed that it did not penalise a car in President Halimah Yacob’s convoy, even though an enforcement officer can be seen having a word with her staff for flouting parking rules:

President Halimah’s convoy did not receive summons for flouting traffic rules: LTA

School teachers may have to pay to park in schools


  1. Some MP even park at the loading and unloading bay. And when there is a MPS those carry balls even put cone to reserve those bay. They think is it their grandfather lot. Forgot soon that shit PM son take over it is not only their grandfather lot IT IS MY GRANDFATHER COUNTRY!

  2. Budget 2018 supposed to be debated in Parliament regarding all the latest increases & the intended things that they decided to charge, Instead they side track us into increase of GST which will be implemented 2 years down the road. Then they claimed that they are TRANSPARENT. Now bring in The Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods to drift us further away from the actual things that will hit us hard. WE ARE FOOLS IN THEIR EYES. SO SO SAD

    • What is parking?. Anything that occupies a space on the ground is called parking. Be it, motor vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, army vehicle including tanks armoured vehicle, aeroplane including fighter jet need to pay parking charges. Fighter jet and plane can park at midair then no charges. Please impose parking charges at school, hospital, army camp, airport, community club, Istana ground also and etc. Just don’t cry and be happy to pay until you reach your graveyard. Just name me one place where you occupy a space on the ground that you don’t have to pay.?.If you agree, please, continue voting for PAP OK. I am very sick and tired. Bye!.

  3. Soon, they will implement this scheme in army camps, police stations, fire stations. But while they at it, they should revoke all grassroots parking privilege as we have been keeping quiet abt this privilege and since they want to charge civil servants parking fee then they should ask all grassroots to pay their parking charges as well. Fair?!! Damn it they have to resort to this to cover losses made by monkey lady?!!!! That is well below the belt already.!!!

    • Ya. Are we paying for the monkey lady’s trips when she goes on overseas trips with the ah hwa? Does she apply for leave?
      Can the AGO make an announcememt on this issue?
      I remember LKY angriy said he paid put of his own pocket when questioned.

  4. If I were teacher I would say bye bye to my car. In Singapore without a car whole family of 4 can go to 7-days tour of Australia/ New Zealand every year or European 7-days tour every two years. After all a car is not required to be a teacher or other civil servants.

  5. Why are they not charging landed property owners who park their cars along the roads outside their houses which are public roads? They think those roads belong to them and prohibit others from parking there by putting dustbins, cones and nasty notes on car windscreens. It’s time the authorities act to stop these bullying tactics and charge these landed property owners parking fees instead of increasing GST.

  6. PAP really scraping the bottom of the barrel to pay for Temasek’s losses.

    Do you think they are going to keep the surpluses for the next generation when they don’t care two hoots about this current generation who are generating the surpluses?

    Wake up! They need the money badly to cover their losses caused by a she man.

  7. Are the undermentioned currently paying or enjoying free parking at their workplaces:
    1) all senior staff of judiciary,
    2) all Parliamentarians when they park in Parliament House.
    3) senior medical staff in government hospitals,
    4) senior police/Home Team personnel.
    5) senior military personnel.
    6} senior staff of all Government or Government-related agencies.?