Netizens think Mahathir has “no right to interfere with Singapore’s politics”


Netizens have responded sharply to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent remark that seems to take a jibe at the ruling party here.

Implying that the stunning election upset he led across the causeway may have a ripple effect in Singapore, in an interview with the Financial Times, Dr Mahathir said: “I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence.”

Dr Mahathir’s bold remark comes amid widespread speculation that his recent victory at the polls may have a dampening effect on relations between Malaysia in Singapore. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that he met Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for just 30 minutes after Lee travelled all the way to Putrajaya to congratulate him on his electoral win.

More recently, the 92-year-old’s announcement that Malaysia is pulling out of the widely anticipated KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project has contributed to talk that the strained relations Singapore and Malaysia shared before Mahathir retired and came back might return.

Netizens here, however, have not taken too kindly to the veteran politician’s comments. While some were indignant that Dr Mahathir has “no right to interfere” in politics here, others believed that he made the remark because he is possibly jealous of Singapore’s success and claim that he clearly does not wish Singapore well. Still others resorted to making personal attacks against Dr Mahathir:

Mahathir boldly states: “The people of Singapore must be tired of having the same government since independence”


  1. With that logic so it’s ok for foreigners to interfere with jobs and housing but not commenting on politics? Pro-establishment netizens should stop with this hogwash. Wake up. Politics make policy and policy affect lives. They are not separate no matter how one would like to think it is.

  2. Not tired de la, Singaporeans are like the abused spouse in the relationship… Kena punched kick rape then after that the aggressor say sorry once every 5 years then all is forgotten and the spouse will go back to the same abusive relationship.

    Now Mahathir is like the relative who advised the abused spouse to leave the abusive relationship only to suffer a backlash saying…this is my family affairs, my anal kena rape is my own problem you don’t interfere.

  3. Someone in Malaysia called himself Anonymous#007 30/May/2018 at 9:22:24am says:

    The reason Malaysians voted for a change in government was because the Najib Abdul Razak/UMNO/BN regime (of which PAS has aligned itself to) is corrupt to the core, and Najib Abdul Razak and UMNO members have been implicated in stealing and misappropriating hundreds of billion ringgit worth of taxpayers monies and assets, as well as murders. In the 60 years UMNO/BN has been governing Malaysia, corruption has increased thousand-fold, crime rate and violent crimes have escalated, quality of education has dropped, poverty remains a major problem, racial (dis)integration has worsened, our public hospitals/clinics and schools are not much better than those in third world countries, there are still no libraries and community/sports facilities in residential areas to promote healthy integration. And finally, look at the intelligent debates in Singapore Parliament and compare that to the name-calling and insults hurled by the low-intelligence UMNO/BN/PAS members in parliament debates mostly targeted at DAP members, instead of providing intelligent answers to their questions. Under PAP, standard of living and income have improved significantly for Singaporeans, their public institutions are almost corruption-free, businesses do not have to pay ‘protection money’ to gangsters and ‘kopi-o money’ to police/council officers, they have among the best public transport systems in the world and globally recognized and respected educational institutions, and more. Don’t forget, PAP did all these without access to billions of dollars of natural resources. So, why would Singaporeans vote out PAP simply for the sake of regime change? In fact, why haven’t UMNO/BN/PAS pointed out all these achievements to their members and call for more Chinese to be recruited in civil service and ministerial posts? How many Singaporean Malays or muslims will rush to migrate to Kelantan or Trengganu because UMNO/PAS would protect their religion and race?
    Yes, a newly minted Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohamad “I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times…Look like he is itching for a fight….I thought he is a changed man, apparently not so!

  4. We are good neighbour and we have to understand the financial plight they are now going through. I think he did the right thing for Malaysia, review projects. Cut those hefty ones and let them recover the loses first. We should not speculate any further, the ones get hurt is the People not government. They elected, served and leave.

  5. A leopard never change its spot…20 yrs of loggerhead with our Lee Kuan Yew..he then step down n start criticising Abdullah Badawi whom were much nicer n closed to us.Then he start attacking all project between t 2 this roti prata man is back again stirling SHIT again even though he got his own serious trouble at home.I may not b a PAP supported but I stand by my country what evet happened.Hope readers can remember how he Stop trading of all Malaysia shares in SGX counter n 3 yrs later transfer back to KL xchange into ringgits n cause uncountable losses by Singaporean…Only he can do such thing..anyway his time r near..we can forgive him gracefully.

  6. Hahaha.. He kept LKY in his pocket. What is the current compare to LKY. All of them kept quiet and not the usual barking at the slightest adversity. The last was five ministerS against one opp MP. Now all are suddenly Dumb.
    So LaoKui… Chinese saying only bark at own doorstep. Big bully small.

  7. He is forever using Singapore as his whipping boy. He has inherited a big mess and will need very capable (uncorrupt) men on his side to help him. During his time as PM country already corrupt..May Allan help him. He should mind his own business. Singaporeans trolls you should not be cheering on his side. Shame on you!

  8. Blame the reporter who asked him that question with regards to Singapore! He was merely answering that question and as you know him, he is a direct person who speaks what’s in his mind. If the reporter did not ask, he would not say that statement.

  9. Mahathir beside being infamous for his 10% man as his 2nd name, he is also known for his multitudes of inexplicable monetary losses amounting to tens of billions of ringgit (that are worth much more in today term) that arevunaccounted for, and include:

    Forex scandal in early 90s : RM30 billion

    The Perwaja Steel Scandal : RM10 billion

    Bank Bumi scandal: RM10 billion

    Maminco-Makuwasa Affair RM1.6 Billion

    Proton Saga – Billions of wasteful resources and bailing out that also stop other car manufacturers from setting out their factories in Malaysia.

    Mahathir used Petronas as a ‘bank’ to bail out many companies, banks etc.

    Opposition politician Syed Husin Ali said, “Petronas has neither been fully transparent nor accountable with how it spends its money, especially in aiding and abetting Tun Mahathir to indulge in unproductive construction of mega projects, to bail out ailing crony companies and corporate figures, and to involve in excessive and wasteful spending on celebrations and conferences.”

    Mahathir used his position to bail out his children or to give them special benefits.

    Konsortium Perkapalan
    In early 1998, Petronas acquired a debt-laden shipping concern controlled by Mahathir’s eldest son Mirzan Mahathir’s Konsortium Perkapalan for RM 226 million and assumed its debts of more than 324 million, according to Far Eastern Economic Review stating the debt at RM 1.6 billion.
    Sapura-Kenaca Petroleum

    In early November 2012, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd reportedly awarded a RM700 million contract to a Sapura-Kencana Petroleum Bhd wholly-owned subsidiary where Mahathir’s son Mokhzani is a vice-chairperson.
    Mahathir replied in a sarcastic tone when asked during a press conference whether there was conflict of interest in the deal.
    “Yes of course, he (Mokhzani) is given it because I instructed Petronas. Put that in your paper. I presided over everything. I told them, please give to my son and not to anybody else. That’s what I have been doing all the time. When I was the prime minister, everything was given to my children. But when everything goes to the children of the other Prime Minister, you don’t want to mention because he is a nice man. He enables you to read, doesn’t he?” Mahathir said in reply.
    Can Mahathir explain and repay all the above losses?

  10. Fully agreed – he has no right at all to interfere with how Singapore is run – or what we Singaporeans wants – he should first keep his own “home in order first” – to me – he is a up becoming of an “unprofessional politicians or a leader leading a country” – ha ha ha

  11. Probably the 70% are the ones that think DR M has no right to interfere with SG politics .
    A strong tree will not fear the constant winds blowing against its branches and trunks because it is solid …. pap and their followers on the other hand planted their “trees” with cupboard cut outs and secure with tapes and glue should be the ones shaking in their undies once wind started blowing against it …..
    If SG policy is as solid as a big tree , why care what he said ?

  12. No one in this cabinet can equal him. Just look at the way he spoke after the election. No script, no emotion, no finger pointing and gesticulating wildly. Public speakers should be like him. When we start to look down and reading from our scripts the audience’s attention already got diverted and our speeches lose the impact. The other speaker to watch in PH is Tony pua.

  13. Mahathir is more than a match for any of our whiteys even at age 93. Ours don’t have the foggiest idea how to be political. Just look at the text book and follow orders. I wish him good luck and hope he will do Malaysia well this time around. For us, until the 70% wake up and realise how crap our leaders are and make the change, we will suffer!

  14. He’s now leen to Communist China for aid. Need aid for Infrastructure n claim the Rock into Island like China. Complaints US selling Arms n British colonise them n only Communist China now is Rich.Hoping his words will soften China.One is Devil n Other’s a Crook. Even Sultan of Jorhur criticise him for his Past action.Just watch how sincere he is.

  15. Agree, he always taking political view too personally. When I was Malaysian during my generation we all know ,he has been those naughty things, his legacy in unmo was far behind LKY . HE WASN’T A GREAT LEADER. JUST A PIECE OF JEALOUSY OLD FOLK .

  16. At least they get more free World Cup matches….. where here all blood thirsty suckers…. 94$ is peanuts to those elites but is something for the middle income…. world cup here used to be a time for all to gather n watch together now is only for the rich here….

  17. If you guys click on all those ball lickers fb page. Seems they all have been living a lavish life in sg.

    Btw, mahathir is in LKY era and he knows what we dont know. Since they all were once malaysians. We dont need to talk much and let these leaders fight it out.

    Eat popcorn and watch….

  18. Perhaps Mahathir should not be commenting on Singapore politics. But what can you do? Start a war? Ban him from Singapore? Our govt should have no fear if they have governed Singapore well, since 70% voted for the PAP. But the PAP IB is in full swing lately. Something to fear?

  19. Why are you guys so fixated on M? He is just having a good time agonising us before he kicked the bucket. The person that will make Malaysia compete with Singapore is Lim Guan Eng and his team. Let’s be honest….we now have a real competitor just beside us…we can whine…we can bitch but they will start to pull investments to Malaysia and then you will know how much we are really overpriced compared to Malaysians in the future. It may not be now but definitely in 10 years time.

  20. He’s pissed off with Pinky for ignoring him in the past and “frolicking” with najib by congratulating najib of a guaranteed win in GE14. Going ahead with the hsr project even after Tun protested vehemently.The final straw maybe the rumour that pinky helping najib to siphon 1MDB billions into Singapore banks.If this is proven true , he’s really going to fix the pap and pinky for good in the next ge.

  21. And Anwar is sitting idly by and allowing this old fart to do as he please, and he will inherit the Hot Potatoes when he takes over as PM. Boy! I am sensing something boiling from within. Let’s watch if his team members will step in to stop him from the nonsense before it get out of hand.

  22. Singaporeans, Go research the history of Malaysia and Singapore relationship from 1957 till now.. All the ugly events and the arrogance of Singapore. The lack of diplomacy and EQ by LKY and his unfilial son, LHL, towards Malaysia.. The competition.. You will understand why….

  23. Fake lar….Netizen love it, hope Dr M is here to be the opposition for the next GE. This news regarding Netizen nt happy just redirection to make sure the 70% still vote for PAP. Perhaps they are shivering, shaking, sobing and stressout implying to Dr M not to influence spore citizen. Who wants a government using force to follow what the government wants for their own benefit. I want Dr M to govern us, Why??? Dr M is not a robot and not greedy, even if he is, he make sure it benefits his country citizens, not outsiders. PAP make Singapore island like ROJAK, sell his rojak and money for themselves, as for the rojak ingredients comes from his citizens poket money, Tax here and there, everything must pay and pay, now cpf cannot buy house, eldershield change to Careshield, retirement CPF they control. I DEMAND for my CPF Money OA, SA and Medisave to be returned to me. Its my money, they have no right to hold onto it without my permission. That is consider stealing from me. I really need my money when Im old and aged, just let me enjoy my money before I die. If I die and not able to enjoy all my CPF and Medisave, I CURSE them all.

  24. Sour grapes….or not, it is absolutely unnecessary for Dr M to make remarks about Singapore when his backyard is a mess! Remember this could be ‘wayang kulit’ to stir our less savvy Ministers n PM to react or hesitate to take the high road. Indifference towards Dr M’s remarks is the best medicine!

  25. All leetator and his cronies condemn TRUE DEMOCRACY evolving in Malaysia by Mahathir/Anwar… period!

    Out of fear and preservation of power, anyhow ownself shame ownself as usual!…

    PeeMe embarrasses himself and all his cronies INTERNATIONALLY!