Millennials in Singapore work one of the longest hours in the world

14 percent also think that they would have to work until they die.

By: Kumar Raj

A global survey of 18 countries by GlobalManpowerGroup has proven that the stereotypes of millennials that they are not as hardworking as the previous generations is nothing but a myth. The millennials in Singapore work a good 49 hours per week, only lower than their counterparts in India who work 52 hours per week. Over a quarter of those surveyed said that they are working two or more paid jobs.
1But while millennials in India who work the longest hours in the surveyed countries were generally confident of their career prospects, about half of Singapore millennials surveyed felt pessimistic about their immediate career prospects. They were also not confident if they could find equally good or better work within three months if they lost their main source of income tomorrow.

The survey said: “Contrary to the lazy label, the data tell a different story. Millennials are working as hard, if not harder, than other generations. Seventy-three percent report working more than 40 hours a week, and nearly a quarter work over 50 hours.”

The millennials in Singapore are also among the most pessimistic when it comes to retirement. 14 percent believe that they would have to work until they die. That number is 2 percent above the global average of 12 percent and coming in only behind Japan, Greece and Italy.

In total, about 19,000 millennials were surveyed across 25 countries, including 8,000 ManpowerGroup associate employees and more than 1,500 of of the company’s hiring managers.

The survey here: Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision