Johor police arrest Singaporean love scammer

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According to Free Malaysia Today, a Singaporean man who has been preying on lonely women in Johor, Perak and Melaka has been arrested in Kluang District in Johor Bahru. He allegedly scammed them of up to RM$500,000 (S$160,000) in total.

The casanova’s modus-operandi is to befriend widows and single mothers on dating sites, after which he would promise them with not only unending love, but also bonus, business opportunities and bonuses. He would then sweet talk them into investing all their savings with him or make them take out personal loans to fund his “business ventures”.

A a 43-year-old widow with 2 children, his latest victim, invested about S$40,000 with him during their 2-month love affair. The widow found something amiss when she didn’t get the returns she was promised and lodged a police report. The 47-year-old man had allegedly also overstayed in Malaysia for over 2 years. At least 4 police other reports have been made against the unidentified man.

The police has also taken the casanova’s 10-year-old son into custody and transferred him to the Johor Welfare Department. The Singapore Consulate is arranging for him to be sent back to Singapore.