Home News Jewel Changi Airport leaks again, “waterfall now reaches the mall”

Jewel Changi Airport leaks again, “waterfall now reaches the mall”

A gush of teething problems test Jewel Changi Airport before and after its official opening.




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Singapore – Is “JeWell” a more fitting name for Jewel Changi Airport after a second incident of water leakage in a month? It seems that the Rain Vortex is so popular that other pipes want to follow suit.

Jokes aside, the newly-opened lifestyle complex seems to be experiencing some issues with its water system after a member of the public Loh Boon Kwang uploaded videos in Facebook showing heavy downpours of water on multiple floors at Jewel Changi Airport.

Posted on April 26 (Friday), the caption read, “Jewel at Changi this morning heavy rain. Waterfall now reaches the mall.”


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The first video captured water spraying from the ceiling and onto the floor below while the second video showed a different area with floors accumulating water buildup.

A spokesperson for Jewel explained: “There was a sprinkler activation in Jewel at about 1am this morning (April 26), which caused water leakage in various levels of Jewel.”

“The issue was quickly attended to and resolved with minimal impact to operations,” dded the spokesperson.

On April 13, videos were uploaded of another water leak in Jewel, a few days before the official opening of the mall.

A Jewel spokesperson said a sprinkler issue caused the leakage in the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall.

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