Ho Ching’s unusually high number of Facebook posts lead to netizens speculating if her account has been hacked

Photo: Facebook / HO Ching

Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings Ho Ching’s unusual amount of activity on Facebook has led to netizens speculating if her account was hacked.

Ho Ching is not new to being under the spotlight because of social media, once being called out for posting a picture of a monkey raising its middle finger in a rude gesture around the same time her sister-in-law, Dr Lee Wei Ling, posted an exchange of her email with Singapore Press Holdings.

Ho Ching posts a picture of a monkey raising speculation of family feud further

Once again, she has got the attention of the Internet for her large number of Facebook posts. According to Andrew Loh, Founder of The Online Citizen, just yesterday alone (July 1), she made “made 176 posts, starting from 8.56am to 11.59pm”.

This comes up to an “average of almost 1 post every 5 minutes”, he added.

Ho Ching’s posts are an eclectic mix, ranging from politics to lifestyle to wildlife and back to architecture within a matter of minutes.

She also rarely ever comments or writes anything on her posts, so netizens wondered if she was the one truly behind her Facebook page.

In his post, Mr Loh also mentioned a quote from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching’s husband, who said, “People who are content don’t have time to go online, those who are unhappy will complain online”, as reported in an article featured on The Business Times.

Netizens cannot seem to put their finger on why Ho Ching’s Facebook page is the way it is, and an article on Rice Media described her page as such: “This is the central irony of Ho Ching’s Facebook profile. It is, at once, both completely pragmatic and yet, the most ‘human’ social media page by any public figure in Singapore”.

Do her posts really come from her or are they made by a bot?