Featured News GrabFood delivery personnel gives cancelled order to homeless man, a promising initiative

GrabFood delivery personnel gives cancelled order to homeless man, a promising initiative




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Singapore – Cancelling an order via an online booking may be as simple as clicking a button but for some finding a meal to avoid blacking out from hunger could take hours. This is especially true for Singapore’s supposed non-existent homeless population. Thanks to a GrabFood delivery guy, a bridge was formed between the two scenarios mentioned above by giving cancelled orders to homeless people.

Ah Kai, through his Facebook post shared to the page of GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore, showed that with some quick thinking, one can reduce unnecessary waste and fill a stomach with one stone. He wrote: “Customer cancel order so we plan give to homeless ppl who need. Today we help ppl another days ppl will help us. #provision should not be rejected.”

Instead of letting his cancelled order get the best of him, he chose to send some blessing to someone else by giving what appeared to be a McDonald’s order to a homeless man.

This could be a great start to an initiative already popular in the U.S. called “pay it forward” which is geared towards helping the homeless community acquire meals paid for in advance by others. And according to Ah Kai’s post, they plan to continue this kind of activity.

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The act of kindness garnered a lot of respect from the online community with many being enlightened on ways that they can help. Such as sending a free meal to the drivers themselves like what a GrabFood customer did last year when he had to cancel his order and decided to give it to the driver instead.

An example of an incredible young man’s journey in promoting a pay it forward system.

See the post below:


There are many ways to pay it forward.

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