Featured News Fortune of cancer-stricken elderly man stuck with 250 Pokemon soft-toys turns

Fortune of cancer-stricken elderly man stuck with 250 Pokemon soft-toys turns




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A Facebook post by an employee of JeffLee The Hair Company (Damansara Utama branch) of David, an elderly man, and his soft-toys has gone viral with over 18,000 shares.  The post of a picture of David was captioned in Chinese. Translated the caption reads: “Those who like playing Pokémon Go, don’t waste your time playing that game. Come to the HSBC Bank at Uptown PJ and find this uncle who sells Pokémon dolls for RM10 each. Donate to him as he has cancer, and you can get your beloved Pokémon too.”

David lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and he’s diagnosed with cancer. He sells soft toys for a living. The small profit he gains from each toy sold is just enough for him to get by. David is left with such a large stockpile of Pokemon soft-toys because a man ordered 250 such toys from him on impulse, but became uncontactable when stocks arrived soon after David paid for them.

David man was diagnosed with leukaemia in March 2015, and the doctors gave him only six months to live. The elderly man is on the road to recovery now, but not before the disease taxing his body.

The chemotherapy sessions have been taxing for his body, so Uncle David could not afford to drive and has been relying on public transportation. The hardworking man would take three trains and two buses to make his way from his house in Pandan Perdana, Cheras to Damansara Utama. He used to walk around everywhere in Klang Valley, but now cannot do so and has to settle to selling his toys in front of Damansara Uptown’s HSBC, KL, Malaysia bank.

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The man’s business of selling soft toys got a big push after the Facebook post went viral. He hopes to fund his son’s education and the last session of his chemotherapy from the sales of his toys. His only son is studying engineering in the USA on a scholarship.

Despite his hard life, the elderly man has an endearing smile for anyone who would approach him,

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