Eerie unexplained noises from the sky heard in Singapore


Yahoo news shared a video posted by Youtuber Muhammad Luqman Mohamad Hakim on 2 January 2016, and captioned it:

“A Singapore resident recently captured footage featuring bizarre unexplained noises coming from the sky on January 2nd, 2016. According to him, the sounds were heard for almost 2 hours. Can you explain it?”

There is another video uploaded in Youtube, 2 days ago by Richard Ong and he titles his video, “Strange Sounds Heard in Singapore Night Sky – 13 Jan 2016″. The eerie noise in his video sounds like a trumpet.
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But such weird noises have been heard here before.

In January 2012, RobbieJohnson18 uploaded a video which he claims is shot in the northern part of Singapore, and said, “I woke up to this strange sound at around 9 in the morning, and then it ended 5 minutes later. It was like a whirring sound you hear for kettles, but in this case it’s not, because the sound was everywhere, and it’s extremely loud and deafening. *There was no kettle in my kitchen. *This is pure footage with no edits. *I’m using an iPhone 4S”.
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Then on Christmas Day 2013, Youtuber Gayzel Yerro captured an unexplained strange sound in Tampines:
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And in May 2015, Norisham Yahya shared this video:
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From America, to Australia, to Europe, such eerie noises have been heard across the globe for almost ten years but experts cannot exactly say what the noise is.

A British publication, Daily Mail, reporting the unexplained global phenomenon in 2013 said that, “encounters with the noise has even caused some people to have vivid nightmares for days after the event”.

Trying to explain such strange noises from the sky, Youtuber 2FriendsPlayMinecraft (commenting on Gayzel Yerro’s video) exclaimed ,”THE END IS NEAR , THE END IS NEAR , THE ENNNDD IS NEEEAAARRR”!