Chee Soon Juan reflects: 2018 will be remembered as a year of price increases and economic lethargy

Photo: Facebook / Chee Soon Juan

With the new year comes a bout of reflection and change. It was also no different for Secretary General of the Singapore Democratic Party Dr Chee Soon Juan who had a rather bleak outlook on the way the year 2018 went.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, January 2, Dr Chee wrote, “2018 will remembered as a year of price increases and economic lethargy”.

He continued, “Looking ahead, Singaporeans can expect tougher times if nothing changes. Millennials face a distinct lack of opportunity as finding meaningful employment becomes harder, housing prices remain unaffordable and the “graduate poor” increase in number”.

“Middle-aged Singaporeans don’t have it better. As the effect of price increases kick-in and the increase in GST looms, families will come under even greater financial stress. Having not only their children to bring up but also ageing parents to care for, working adults will struggle like they’ve never struggled before”.

Touching on the issue of housing, he said, “Likewise, the older segment of the population will have little to look forward to as they see their dreams of selling their once-prized HDB nest-eggs to fund their retirement go up in smoke”.

However, in his post, Dr Chee hinted at the following: “To this end, the SDP has crafted an alternative vision for Singapore and, from this, drawn up a set of alternative policies to take the country up a brighter, happier, and more equal future”.

TISG has reached out to Dr Chee for further comment and to elaborate on future plans.