Amos Yee receives death threats for publicly supporting pedophilia


Singaporean teenager Amos Yee is embroiled in yet another controversy after publicly voicing out support for pedophilia in his recent Youtube videos.

Yee has received harsh criticism and even death threats after posting three videos on the topic, on 15, 17 and 20 November, entitled Why Pedophilia Is Alright, Don’t Discriminate Pedophiles, and Free Speech for the Pedophile respectively.

The 18-year-old, who is presently in Chicago after having been granted asylum in the US, argued that pedophilia is acceptable in principle in his videos on the matter.

Yee has previously expressed controversial views on sexual age of consent laws, advocating that such laws should be eliminated:

“I feel that if a person below the age of 18 perfectly consents to having sex with an adult, he should be allowed to do it. And the adult who has sex with that person should not be sent to jail for it.
“I had thoughts that I wanted to have sex with 20-year-olds when I was 16. So why shouldn’t I be able to do it? And if I did do it, it does not at all make sense that legally, the 20-year-old that my 16-year-old self had sex with should go to prison for it?”

The teenager, who was set to give his first public talk at the prestigious Harvard University, alleged that the organisers of the talk had abruptly cancelled the event less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to speak because of these controversial views.

Yee alleged that this was the same reason why he was banned from the Mythopoeic Society Conference (MythCon) last month but stood by his views. He also vehemently denied claims that his views promote rape and child abuse – the teenager stated that he would “never promote violence to anyone.”

Asserting that he himself is not a pedophile in his most recent videos, Yee clarified that he is expressing his support for pedophilia based on principle.

Netizens have not taken kindly to the Singaporean and have characterised him as a pedophile or closet pedophile, a troll, an agitator, deluded, a threat to polite society, and an attention seeker:

Several YouTubers have also uploaded response videos pertaining to Yee’s recent videos and have excoriated his views online.

Amos Yee believes Harvard cancelled his talk because of his controversial views on sexual age of consent laws



  1. Firstly let’s thank America for taking over the trouble maker from us.
    Let’s send more of such people as and when they come up like radicalised terrorists.
    Thank you America.

    • Anthony Lim Are you another dumb and stupid Singaporean. Merkel is still in power as of right now. I would definite not welcome spineless jellyfish like you to America. As for Amos Yee, he is protected under the US constitution unlike yours in Singapore. I know you are envious of Amos Yee enjoying his new found freedom. To put it simply so that you can understand, Amos Yee have rights in USA, as for you Anthony LIm, you will do as you are told by the government, PAP. Be a good boy Anthony and check your facts about Merkel and definition of a terrorist.

    • Chee Lee, you are the dumb and stupid one.
      You do not keep yourself abreast with current world new; that makes you dumb and stupid and outdated and trying tio teach your your grandfather how to suck eggs.
      Follow current international news media. Merkel has no more power; she can’t find political parties to form coalition government.
      You can choose to be second Amos Yee; not for me.
      READ MORE and EDUCATE yourself before you pass such nasty remarks idiot

    • Anthony Lim: Merkel won the last election in Germany and I checked with friends in Germany an hour a go. She is still Chancellor. Who is the UNEDUCATED FOOL who wrote ” Angela Merkel is “now” voted out of power by their citizens “. Did you checked out the definition of terrorist yet, need help. Just for you Anthony Lim, the bowel movement metaphor. You are told how and when to shit and you obediently being the fool you are, will willingly asked “where to take a shit”. Don’t preached about Amos Yee and things you don’t know anything about. I choose and support Amos Yee rights to free speech, do you have that right and freedom in Singapore.??. Be a good boy and do as you are told, when and how and you asking where.

  2. He does not understand free speech also has a cultural norm and in US paedophilia is socially unacceptable even under the guise of free speech. But since he has all the signs of personality disorder that explains why he does not understand that he is affecting others’ sensibility. Unfortunately he will get into serious trouble at this rate.

    • Peter Chou , what do you know about free speech in Singapore. Don’t preach to others what you don’t have. Are you allowed to flip off your LHL, criticized your incompetent MP’s or government departments CEO’s and their cronies. The answers will be no. not surprising. Amos Yee is not in trouble and he is free to exercise his freedom of speech which is a right under the US Constitution unlike Singapore. No laws are broken when giving the middle finger to the President of the USA, can you Peter Chou say the same for Singapore if your, LHL, PM was treated that way.

    • Chee Lee I understand what is free speech as I studied and stayed in Western country before. Unlike you I understand free speech is not the same as irresponsible speech. Being a Singaporean does not make me a mindless minion and we do express dissent but not irresponsibly and definitely not immaturely like using vulgar gesture or speech.

    • Peter Chou Well said. Some netizens seem to think that veering towards the other extreme is the solution. It is not. Mindless dissent is merely another form of intolerance.

    • Perry Azzuri I totally agree with you. Dissent with reason and civility is the Middle way and I personally feel the extreme left and right only breed intolerance, exclusivity and ultimately violence.

    • What does flipping a middle finger achieve? It is an expression of subjective anger and resentment, but more can be done through communication by calm speech and tact that promotes development or solutions, although it does take an acknowledgement of the underlying feelings of grief and dissatisfaction for discussions to be able to progress smoothly on both sides rather than a denial of it, like what the current leaders seem to be doing.

  3. I wonder he really got gun down one day. How will his supporter here who was speaking fo rhim and support his decision will feel. I guess nothing becuase they just use him to attain their political agenda. In singapore you may get harassed by the law but in Amercian, you can have free speech by the people there will take things intheir own hand when you go too far.

  4. He should just make videos of himself being RAMMED by older man then since he agrees with that, i’m sure that will make him rich faster without having to work.

  5. His views are pretty subjective and self-centered, just because it applies to him doesn’t mean it applies to everyone else. Maybe he should take a look at the world around him and try researching the topic before making public videos commenting about it. Too much ego.

  6. Young fart brain dead. Think US like Singapore mouth like chicken back side kenna diarrhoea some more. Matter of time his parent claim him back in a wooden box.

  7. Free speech might get him killed someday if he still doesn’t know how to contol his mouth. He should be gateful to be able to stay in US where he got a chance to start a new life. Instead of doing so, he continued to splutter nonsense in the internet.

  8. King Solomon has written the book of wisdom in Proverbs 18:2
    A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing his own opinions
    Proverbs 12:15 King Solomon said that a fool is right in his own eyes but he who is humble to accept counsel is wise!!!
    Proverbs 18:6 A fool’s lips lead to quarrel and his mouth invites a beating
    18:21 King Solomon reiterated that the tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat it’s fruit
    A rebellious son who hate disciplines bring grief to his father and sadness to his mother !
    Proverbs 13:3 He who guard his lips guard his life but he who speak rashly come to ruin
    Fools are self-conceited, proud and lazy, especially despicing God’s words and bring heartache to his parents and teachers

  9. Wah lao eh, he want to have sex with a more older woman is probably because that woman more mature in a gorgeous way. But supporting phedophilia is totally different leh. What the shit sia this guy, freaking hopeless.

  10. I told you he won’t live past 1 year in gun-friendly US with all his nuisance nonsense and lunatic comments..
    Anyway.. if his parents can’t even discipline him what’s right and wrong.. nobody can..
    He’s probably safer in Singapore.. at least he only got knock down, slap or bruise-level kinda of injury.
    Yes, thank you America for taking in this thrash..

    • Nothing wrong with him. The part above his shoulder need a complete transplant with wide selection from the mortuary(s).

  11. Dont be surprised if he ever get killed in US, his mother will blame it on the Spore Gov. He is the way he is because of his upbringing. The damning trait is blaming everyone else but himself.

    • Only worrying part is his set of dentures may be indestructible

      As such need to ensure the best super glue must be used to shut the dentures tightly

  12. Paedophilia will never be a right thing as the kids are too young to understand sex, body yet mature and the consent that they give may not be at their proper state of mind of knowing right and wrong at their age. Unless the gov can take things like their IQ level and maturity level into consideration to treat them as adult despite their young age.

    Is sad that Amos cannot tell the different between morality and freedom of speech. If he can really be clear with this, sure his future will shine.

  13. Amos, you’ve lost your right to represent free speech with your advocacy for paedophiles. You are either really immature or sick. Grow up or rot. You have lost me and i believe countless others in your opposition against the government.

  14. Goodness! He shows that we are right to get rid of him, a social outcast in Singapore and soon to be in the USA.
    No brain, only an oversized self worth

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