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A review of the best (and worst) toilets in Singapore, so we can do our business well-informed

An informative restroom read.




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Singapore – “I pee a lot, so I might as well rate the toilets,” says the bio of @the_ultimate_toilet_rater, your trusty critic of Singapore’s toilets.

The Instagram account of “sg toilet rater” is an informative source for those who take their business very seriously.

The island-nation may have the reputation of having spotless public restrooms, but locals know that there are some that are not flaunt-worthy.

Introducing, @the_ultimate_toilet_rater’s ranking of the toilets in Singapore from worst to best.

  1. SMRT toilet (no ranking available)
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The caption reads, “smrt toilet circa 2016 when I tried to move the cover with my foot and it broke apart.”

What good is a broken toilet?

  1. Sea Aquarium Toilet (3/10 stars)

A decent looking toilet based on the picture but the critic noted that it was smelly, with pee stains on the floor and even vandalism.

  1. Downtown East (7/10 stars)

You know the standards of @the_ultimate_toilet_rater is high when a downtown east toilet that is newly renovated only gets 7/10 stars.

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downtown east newly renovated. very clean, slight stain. 7/10

A post shared by sg toilet rater (@the_ultimate_toilet_rater) on

  1. Takashimaya (8/10)

“It’s all about the experience,” they always say. This Takashimaya toilet was ranked quite high even though it had some discarded tissue paper that didn’t make it to the bin.

  1. Jewel Changi Airport (11/10 stars)

This Jewel Changi Airport passed with flying colours. “Smells like Hong Kong, clean like Japan; what more can you ask for?” said the caption.

  1. 111 Somerset (20/10 stars)

Coming in first place was this toilet with marble everything. One can practically live in this 111 Somerset toilet.

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omg actually found a toilet better than JEWEL ilu 20/10

A post shared by sg toilet rater (@the_ultimate_toilet_rater) on

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