Business & Economy Technology 10 million Samsung users tricked into downloading fake apps

10 million Samsung users tricked into downloading fake apps

Mobile users have been warned to check thoroughly before downloading anything onto their devices.




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10 million Samsung users have downloaded a fake “update” app that could swindle them out of money.

The app, which can be downloaded for free on the official Google Play Store is called “Updates for Samsung – Android Update Versions”.

Created by a brazen trickster, the app was named that way to attract people looking for updates on their Samsung phone.

Free software updates for Samsung can be downloaded easily through the handset’s settings.

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But this app which is not affiliated to Samsung charges users $34.99 (SGD47.50) to download the exact same files.

The rogue app also slows the smartphones with advertisements while earning money for the creator.

“‘Updates for Samsung’ does not seem to offer users much of value besides a lighter wallet,” said Aleksejs Kuprins, malware analyst at CSIS Security Group, who discovered the app.


“During our tests, we too have observed that the downloads don’t finish, even when using a reliable network,” he wrote.

Users are then asked to install the $34.99 premium package to download files.

It uses its own payment system, breaking Google’s rules and leaving your payment data open to hackers.

For users who don’t know where to find Samsung phone updates then gets conned out of cash.

Here’s the official advice from CSIS Security Group to avoid Samsung Scam Updates

  • “We recommend users to follow Samsung’s designed procedure for downloading firmware updates.
  • “That is, by opening the “Settings” application on your Android device and navigating to the “About phone” -> “Software Update” menu.
  • “These updates are guaranteed to come directly from the vendor and are free of charge.”

To prevent malware on your Android smartphone, here are some tips:

  1. Download apps only from reliable sources
  2. Password protect your phone
  3. Install OS updates instantly
  4. Avoid viewing sensitive information on public Wi-Fi
  5. Try installing a mobil security app
  6. Do not install anything if unaware of it
  7. Uncheck the “install from unknown sources” option
  8. Read the permissions carefully
  9. Make use of a virus scanner


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