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Singaporeans rank Amos Yee as the worst millennial of the country




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So it seems that Amos Yee’s pro-pedophilia movement and general hate speech has gotten him ranked as the worst millennial of Singapore. According to the Junk Millennial Index released by publisher Junk Asia on Friday, Amos Yee, Yip Pin Xiu, Benjamin Kheng and other millennials were ranked according to those either likely to destroy the world, or save the world, and those to follow or unfollow on social media.

20-year old Amos Yee was ranked the bottom amongst all of his peers, as the one most likely to destroy the world, and the one to be definitely unfollowed on social media. This comes as no surprise, as even Melissa Chen, the lady who helped Yee seek asylum in the United States, turned against him because of his pro-pedophilia views.



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Other millennials ranked on the bottom along with Yee were Saffron Sharpe, who was labeled as ‘irrelevant’ by the ranking, and Melissa Koh who is ‘desperate to prove she is a pretty face’

However, ranked top of the list was local Paralympian, Yip Pin Xiu, who became the youngest ever Nominated Member of Parliament this year at 26 years old.



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