Home News Featured News Lee Hsien Yang joins PSP because "the PAP has lost its way"

Lee Hsien Yang joins PSP because “the PAP has lost its way”

PM's younger brother says "the PAP has lost its way" and that "the current government is distinctly different" from the time of LKY




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Singapore — There was high drama on Wednesday (June 24), a day after elections were called, when Progress Singapore Party leader Dr Tan Cheng Bock announced that Mr Lee Hsien Yang, brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, had joined the party.

Mr Lee was handed the PSP membership card by Dr Tan. He said: “I joined the party because I think that Dr Tan is committed to doing the right thing for Singapore and Singaporeans. He loves the country and he has brought together a group of people who share his vision, which I believe will build a better Singapore. PSP has an approach which will emphasise compassion.”

In a video message to all Singaporeans posted on the PSP’s Facebook page on Wednesday (June 24) evening, Mr Lee said: “The coming General Election will be a watershed. There will be no LKY Bonus or SG 50 to help the ruling party.”

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He added that some of the many broad issues of concern were the CPF scheme, HDB leases and “the Presidential Election widely perceived to lack legitimacy”.

“The PAP has lost its way,” he said. “The current government is distinctly different from when LKY was the PM and subsequently MM.”

He said the people can be loyal Singaporeans and “yet to not vote PAP”.

Mr Lee also sought help for the party as it prepared for the General Election. He said: “The Progress Singapore Party and Dr Tan need our help.” He called for volunteers, donors and for Singaporeans to spread the word about the PSP. /TISG

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