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Young man robs friend’s HDB flat but falls to his death after trying to escape with his loot




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According to the Chinese daily, a 25-year-old private university student fell to his death last Friday, around 6am, after he suffered a heart attack as he was climbing out of a kitchen window on the eighth floor of a HDB block at Yishun St 51.

The daily reports that the deceased had stolen about $7000 worth of items from the HDB flat that belonged to a friend, before he met his untimely death.

The young man’s friend, 35-year-old Mr Lim revealed that he became acquainted with the deceased when he found a job in the area. Revealing that the young man grew to get to know his family better over time, Mr Lim said that the man would visit his home about 4-5 times a month and play with his children.

A suspicious Mr Lim, however, began to distance himself from the young man when he noticed that money was missing from his home after the young man’s visits.

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Despite Mr Lim pulling away, the young man visited Mr Lim last Thursday night and gifted him with several bottles of wine. Curiously, the young man sent Mr Lim a text around 3am, asking if he had drunk the wine.

Barely three hours later, the young man was found dead at the foot of the block. The deceased was found to have plunged to his death from several floors above in what appeared to be a housebreaking attempt gone wrong.

The Chinese daily reports that the deceased is believed to have stolen about S$7000 worth of items, including a gold chain, amulet and handphone, from his friend. Police investigations are ongoing.

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