SINGAPORE: A resident, Denise Lim, who was recently ill took to the Complaint Singapore group on Friday (Nov 17) to share her dilemma about her neighbours who allegedly sang karaoke from 4 pm to almost 11 pm. The incident, backed by multiple videos shared by the online user, brought about concerns over such inconsiderate behaviour.

“Am sick and trying to sleep but one of the neighbours started singing karaoke since 4pm (until) now,” she wrote. “(I’m) not sure which floor but the noise came the loudest from the kitchen window. Can hear it loud from other rooms too and it seems to come from all directions. Closing the windows (doesn’t) help much.”

Ms Lim added, “I can’t hear the karaoke song’s music, only their singing from their mic. If the volume of the music is loud enough for them, then the volume of the mic is surely too high. Imagine the whole block can hear it. Do you think this is very inconsiderate? Sometimes after their karaoke, another neighbour will on the music very loud the next day…”

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At the end of the post, she added an update, reporting that her neighbours continued to sing karaoke even at night. “Update: They are still singing now at 10.59pm,” she said.

While the post got a laugh out of some, for others, it sparked a conversation about such neighbours. “Is this Yishun?” asked one. “The voice sounds familiar. Does it happen rather often? Because when I saw the IGstory singing karaoke several times, I always wonder if her neighbours ever made complaints about the noise.”

Another encouraged Ms Lim to collaborate with her other neighbours, saying, “Band together with other affected neighbours (and) try to identify this inconsiderate person.”

A handful of others called out the neighbour’s actions as “inconsiderate.” The incident was reported to have taken place in Yishun.

How would you respond to such an incident?