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Yet another faulty lift accident injures woman despite being flagged by block residents for over a year




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In yet another faulty lift accident, Lift D in Block 542 Jurong West Ave 1 suddenly shot down from the fourth floor to the ground level while passengers tried to exit the compartment, before getting stuck halfway below ground. At least two passengers were injured while one woman had to be hospitalised

The victims’ relative claims that this particular lift has been flagged due to prior incidents to the town council and their Member of Parliament but that no action has been taken for over a year. The lift is located in the ward of the chairman of the Jurong-Clementi Town Council, Mr Ang Wei Neng, – that too, in a GRC anchored by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Netizen Raudhah Putri shared her account of the accident which involved her family on Facebook. Raudhah wrote that her father was on his way out of the elevator when her uncle heard a snap and pulled her father back in. The lift then shot down so suddenly that if her father had not been pulled in, his leg might have been severely injured.

It appears that Raudhah’s aunt was not so lucky as she allegedly injured her leg from the impact of the lift coming to a standstill after shooting down. She was subsequently hospitalised. When the lift stopped below ground level, Raudhah’s father forced the lift’s doors open and evacuated all the passengers but also injured his hand in the process.

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Raudhah wrote that long before this latest incident, another group of boys were involved in an accident in the faulty lift although none of them were injured. “This matter was brought up to the Town Council and the MP while they made their rounds in the neighbourhood. The MP was informed about this matter upfront by the residents and even after a year, no action taken.”

Yesterday there was an accident happened in the lift at Block 542 Jurong West Ave 1, Lift D. Apparently, the lift…

Posted by Raudhah Putri on Saturday, 1 July 2017

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