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Yet another Ang Moh flips off driver while crossing road, even though driver has the right of way




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Yet another pedestrian who appears to be caucasian has been caught on camera flipping off a driver while crossing a road, even though the driver has the right of way.

This latest incident occurred last Friday (2 Mar) around 6.55pm at the traffic junction of Orchard Link before Paragon Shopping Centre. The driver, a private-hire driver who runs a personal blog entitled ‘Journey of a Private Hire Driver SG’, wrote:

“As you can see, I was on the middle lane and made a lane change and was about to proceed through to the next junction. After completing the lane change, 2 Ang Moh balonglong jaywalk although the traffic lights are not in their favour.
“Jaywalk never mind still got the cheek to point the middle finger at me when I didn’t even horn you. Le si tao nao pai siboh? (Your brain damaged is it?)
“When you’re in a foreign land, behave yourself. That includes following traffic rules etc. Try this in some other countries and you might end up getting run over…”

Upset, he added: “Once again, pardon my language as I reacted to the situation. I already exercise self control to the maximum by not spewing out additional vulgarity. As for the community, this matter can only sua sua ki (settle) if she wash and polish my car with her bare hands then post for a picture with me showing her middle finger”


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This is not the first time something similar has happened in Singapore. In August last year, another Caucasian woman angrily flipped off a driver as she cycled across the road, beating a red light.

According to the driver, James Chan, he did not even sound his car horn for the woman to act so aggressively:

Beating traffic light and follow with middle finger !!No Horn and friendly reminder about the RED traffic light. The return is one more middle finger !!Middle finger goes before eyes and brain !! Give me a break, please…..

Posted by James Chan on Saturday, 26 August 2017


That same month, an angry Caucasian man carrying an infant was caught on camera appearing to fly into a rage due to an alleged disapproving look by a driver who had to stop suddenly when the man jaywalked in the middle of a street that does not have a traffic light or zebra crossing.

In the video, the man can be seen suddenly crossing the road with a baby strapped to his chest when the car turns into the junction. While the man initially signals for the car to wait for him to cross, he still does not rush and motions for a woman who appears to be his wife to walk behind him with a baby stroller, instead of waiting for the car to pass.

Suddenly, the man approaches the car and yells at the driver, gesturing to the baby strapped to his chest and telling the driver to “f@#$ off.”

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