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WP MPs prepare to send thank you messages to donors who generously gave and encouraged them during their fundraising appeal




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The three Workers’ Party (WP) parliamentarians and town councillors who are embroiled in the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) lawsuit shared an update on their blog yesterday, along with a picture of them sorting out the contributions that poured in from the public to help them battle the lawsuit.

Thanking their kind donors for the generous contributions and sharing that many sent “wonderful messages along with their donations,” Mr Low Thia Khiang, Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Pritam Singh wrote:

“Dear Friends

“We received thousands of electronic and mailed-in contributions, many with heartfelt messages of support. We are sorting the contributions, so that we can send our thanks to those who left their contact details. You can see us here sorting one batch while ever distracted by the wonderful messages.

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“Many did not leave their means of contact. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To Christians we wish you a blessed Christmas and to everyone we wish you happy holidays and a Happy New Year ahead!

“Sylvia, Pritam and Mr Low”

On 24 Oct, the MPs launched a fundraising appeal and revealed in their blog that they have “depleted our personal resources,” having already paid $600,000 from their own pockets to their legal team as the trial progresses.

Adding that they have not used any party funds, the trio asserted that they are committed to fighting vigorously against the unfounded claims that have been levelled against them.

Shortly after the parliamentarians made their appeal for financial support, many gave to the town councillors and flooded social media with words of encouragement for the three political leaders.

Within six hours of the appeal going live, the public donated $100,000 to the MPs. Within a day, the MPs raised nearly half a million dollars. Within two days, over $900,000 had been donated to the MPs by thousands.

On 27 Oct, just three days after the fundraising appeal was launched, the WP leaders closed their appeal for financial support, having raised over a million dollars from the public for their mounting legal costs.

Asking donors to hold their contributions if they had not transferred the funds, the MPs wrote: “We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The financial support is crucial but the moral support you have given us is incalculable.”

The MPs shared a running tally of the contributions they received and updated their blog regularly to show accounts of where the funds that were raised went. The politicians published three such updates, on 30 Oct, 1 Nov, and 13 Nov.

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