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WP calls for referendum




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The Workers’ Party (WP) has proposed that an elected senate replace the existing Council of Presidential Advisors and that a national referendum be held to decide the future of the Elected Presidency.

WP’s Chairman Ms Sylvia Lim in arguing for the party’s position said that many have asked why the government is rushing such an important matter through Parliament also noted that PM Lee has himself said that there was no urgency, while the Law Minister has gone on record that the changes were not targeted at disbarring any individual from running.

She argued that if that is the case, surely there is still time for any change to be carefully considered for implementation in the following Presidential Election in 2023, rather than the one next year.

She said that there has been public discussion and skepticism about the proposed changes. In pointing out that PM Lee himself acknowledged that it would not be easy to convince Singaporeans about the need for these changes she drew attention to a comment on the Facebook page of Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a former Presidential candidate.

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The post from a member of public reads: “What kind of legacy are we leaving to the next generation, when we define our Head of State by his wealth and race, rather than by his character, social contributions and public spiritedness?”

Ms Lim said that the matter before the House is a grave one, and a hasty decision could well prove unwise.


WP’s position paper here: http://bit.ly/2fOSoBI

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