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Woman spots snake in office toilet making a second appearance this week alone




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A woman visiting her father’s office received a shock when she found a sizeable snake poking its head out of the toilet bowl. Worse still, this is the second time a snake has been spotted at the same toilet in just a week.

The woman, Lim Sze Hui, shared a video of the snake in the toilet of the office located at Upper Thompson:

Danger noodle invades my dad's office toilet. Watch out for snakes if you're in the Upper Thomson area. He asked me to post the video on fb so here ?

Posted by Lim Sze Hui on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

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Snakes slithering around Singapore appear to be spotted more frequently in recent times. Just a week before this video was posted, residents of Sengkang caught a giant python in the bushes of what seems to be a housing estate.

The python which appears to be about 3m long is believed to have eaten a cat.

While pythons are non-venomous, they can turn aggressive if they are threatened. If you encounter a snake, do not attempt to catch it yourself. You may refer to the AVA advisory below or call the Acres 24-hour wildlife hotline at 97837782 for help.

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