Relationships Woman says she's afraid every time govt gives out money; her parents...

Woman says she’s afraid every time govt gives out money; her parents have gambling habit and will demand money from her

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"That means more family drama from their poor mindsets and more headaches for me. I'm scared when I see them", the woman wrote.

SINGAPORE: “I’m scared every time gov gives out $$”, said a woman. She then added: “I know the title is misleading. But please read on”.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman explained that every time her parents received grants or benefits from the government, they would squander them because of their gambling habit. “Budget 2023 was announced yesterday and most people can rejoice. I am also thankful as a stay home mom. Yet at the same time, I am very scared of what’s to come from my folks”, she wrote.

“Every time they receive $$ from the gov, they will head to MBS right away. In the past, they go Genting. This will go on for days until they eventually lost all their money and come home angry and throwing tantrums. I am sick of receiving calls or messages from other family members that telling (sic) me about their outbursts”, she added. She said that every month she would only give them a small allowance, but wrote that in earlier years, they would demand money from her and even verbally abuse her.

“Even though they no longer dared to do ask for extra money now (I only give a small allowance), the mental torture and agony from past episodes stayed. Sometimes, subconsciously thinking about those episodes leave me anxious and breathless”, she added. While she used to share this problem with her friends, she felt it made them uncomfortable as there was nothing that could be done and she eventually stopped telling them.

“In the past, gov gave $$ once every few years. But since 2020 because of covid, we have been receiving some $$ ever year. Now, they will get $ every year. That means more family drama from their poor mindsets and more headaches for me. I’m scared when I see them”, the woman wrote.

Here’s what netizens said:

Earlier this year, another man took to social media to complain about how his father only cares about money.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions Facebook page SGWhispers, the man added that he did not understand why his father only cared about money. In his post, he wrote that he and his brother gave their parents a monthly allowance and would also take care of all bills and insurance payments.

“We initially wanted to give both parents $450 each but my father says he has savings and CPF, this that so he will just take $200 instead and my mum should get $450. Ok, fine. but we still gave him $300 and mum $450”, the man wrote. He added that his mother would not even check to see if she had gotten her allowance money, but his father would keep receipts and tally the money every month. The man added that as of late, when his mother booked two holiday tours with her friends, his father started “complaining and hinting us that maybe the money division should be swapped. He kept saying he can handle money better”.

“my father is kind of a miser who doesn’t want to spend on things/holidays (unless it’s a family trip) but we honestly don’t like to go on tour with him. he doesn’t know or want to enjoy himself but punch on his calculator all the time. When we go with him, we always need to convince him why we wanted to try a famous restaurant or buy a certain souvenir. He is also always about “worth the (ticket) money” so he rather pack a day full (from 7am-9pm kind) even if he himself is really tired”, the man wrote. He added that he and his brother even suggested to his father that they could split the allowance money equally between their parents. However, he wrote that his father seemed more interested in preventing his mother from getting and spending her allowance money.

If you are experiencing gambling problems and need counselling or wish to apply for a gambling exclusion, please contact the National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline or Webchat at 1800-6-668-668.

Man’s miser father tries to convince his sons to give their mother less allowance money while boasting “he can handle money better”

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