SINGAPORE: A woman with a rather toxic circle of friends wrote that she had to distance herself to escape them.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page, the woman wrote that at the beginning, she was a member of the clique, but said: “I don’t intend to come across as rude, but I simply can’t comprehend why the rest that is inside the clique would condone and encourage cheating, and go as far as insulting someone’s spouse behind their back especially when they have a kid together! It’s astonishing how they manage to convince themselves that such actions are not only acceptable but also justified”. She added that there was a woman in the group who seemed to be the mastermind behind the entire situation.

She wrote that the ‘mastermind’ would manipulate the situation to victimise herself while claiming her boyfriend did not care about her because he had to travel for work. “Meanwhile, she engages in deceitful activities, lying in other men’s beds and going on dates with people on Tinder, all while keeping it hidden from her partner of years. (She’s the person who encouraged the married individual the most to cheat on their spouse.) What strikes me as utterly ridiculous is her self-appointed role as a “queen bee,” using her insecurities as a justification to ostracize others and label them as weird”, the netizen wrote in her post.

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She went on to say that the woman in her clique was attention-seeking and wanted validation from others, all of which pointed to a deep-seated insecurity. “At the end of the day, resorting to such childish tactics and trampling on others to feel better about oneself is a clear sign of a profoundly insecure human being”, she said.

Netizens who commented on the post lauded her for leaving. One wrote: “Good that u left. These are people who try to influence those ard them or hang ard the same type of people to convince themselves to feel better or victimized despite knowing deep down what they are doing is wrong”. Another person commented: “It is not up to you to change people. But it is up to you to love and protect yourself from toxic people. So it is job well done, get out of such a place”.