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Woman in her 40s earning over $5K a month says she has the luxury of doing nothing except for occasionally preparing reports, wants to know if she should move jobs

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She wrote that she was currently holding an administrative position and she was not used to the slow-paced work style

SINGAPORE: A woman in her 40s who had a rather easygoing work life wondered if she should take on a more hectic position that may be more fulfilling.

The woman started her post with a caveat stating that her intent was not to brag or mock anyone but that she genuinely wanted feedback and advice. She wrote that she currently drew an annual salary of over $60,000 and was holding an administrative position.

“Previously i was in jobs where work environments are demanding & lots of politics to face daily. After some job hopping, current office is a small set-up. My bosses are not local and the work culture is basically slow pace”, she said. The woman added that she had the “luxury of doing nothing daily with some occasional of preparing reports only. I am not exactly putting my work experiences to what i am doing now”.

In her post, she wrote that she was not used to the slow-paced work style and was seriously considering moving to another company that would pay her better and provide more opportunities.

“A close friend of mine advised me not to regret later leaving a job which is considered high paying with a chill work environment. But i am not sure if i can / should stay on here till retirement. At times i really feel guilty, everyday i am just doing nothing and wasting my time away”, the woman then added asking netizens what they would do if they were in her position.

Most netizens advised her to stay and use the free time she had to pick up other skills. Here’s what they said:

Last year, comparing two jobs offering a similar salary, a netizen opined that he would much rather work as a security officer than perform an administrative role in an office.

In a Facebook post to popular page Voice Your Grievances, a netizen known by the name of Keyloid Ng wrote: “Office admin jobs are the most useless jobs in sg”.

He explained that the salary was only about S$2,000, but there were many people applying for the job. Should the company post one job vacancy on a website, there would be easily a hundred to five hundred people applying, he wrote.

“I need to apply 100 to 200 admin jobs and go for 10 to 20 interviews before i may get lucky and get 1 job offer”, Ng said.

He added that even if he did land the administrative job, it would most likely be a stressful one.

Contrastingly, Ng said that working as a security officer would also earn him about S$2,000 a month. “I apply and go interview, on the spot they hire me. I don’t need to apply 100 to 200 security jobs and go for 10 to 20 interviews to get 1 security job offer”, he added.

Ng also noted that although a job as a security officer would mean 12-hour shifts, it is “mostly easy job”. He added that if he was unlucky to get a stressful security job, he could easily leave and find another security officer position elsewhere.

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