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Why was the woman in such a rush that she had to pry open train doors with her bare hands?

Two plausible explanations have been put forward, both equally believable but neither one has been confirmed at this point




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A woman was filmed on Closed-circuit television (CCTV) trying to pry open a set of platform doors at Little India MRT station after all the doors had closed and the train was about to move off.

In the video, circulating on August 28, a woman can be seen trying to rush into the train before the doors close just as she reaches.

While the train doors close completely, the woman manages to wedge her hands into the platform doors just before they close fully. She then pushes herself through the platform doors.

The woman was willing to risk her safety as she got herself stuck between a set of platform doors and a train that was about to move off from the station.

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Why then would anyone risk their safety with such behaviour?

Two possibilities have surfaced:

The first: One person has stepped forward to relate a plausible-sounding backstory about why the woman would do something so drastic in public.

A screenshot of a Reddit comment suggested that the woman was actually trying to get to her autistic sister.

The woman’s sister had apparently wandered off, like before, and did not know how to get home after that.

The second: A lady claiming to be the woman’s daughter posted on social media.

She said, “What actually happened is that she (her mother) and her friend were rushing to get home”.

“(This was at the time where everyone is also getting home from work) and the MRT was packed with people, my mother’s friend got in first, with my mother from behind didn’t want to be left alone to wait for another train, barge forward and pried open the door which got her stuck”.

The woman also added that her alleged mother and friend were approached by SMRT staff for questioning when they alighted at their stop. She also explained that staff gave her mother a warning without asking for compensation as there were no damages to the door.

Netizens seem divided as to which version to believe.

TISG has reached out to SMRT for clarification on the incident. /TISG

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